Audit Information

  • Audit date/time

  • Operator Name

  • Contractor

  • Log yard Area

  • Transport Company

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Did driver wear the mandatory PPE for the task?

  • Hard hat (If outside machine)

  • Hi viz

  • Safety Footwear

  • Safety glasses (If outside machine)

  • Gloves

Task Compliance

  • Task needs to be completed as per Insync Unloading Logs with Wagner Standard Operating Procedure

  • 1. Consideration given to generic hazards associated with the task e.g sunstrike. If hazards are present they should minimised, isolated or eliminated.

  • 2. Is radio contact maintained with the truck driver to ensure good communication at all times during unloading.

  • 3. If at all possible driver should remain in the cab during unloading. Under special circumstances where driver needs to be out of his vehicle, the operator and driver must agree on a designated safe zone for the driver to stand.

  • 4. Before approaching truck/trailer ensure beak and tusks are fully open.

  • 5. Only approach truck/ trailer once it is stationary with brakes on.

  • 6. Before unloading ensure truck/trailer is on level ground.

  • 7. If bolsters are too close together, logs are jammed/tangled, chain jammed, logs are unbalanced or have excessive overhang ask for assistance from high stacker to unload.

  • 8. When closing tusks/beak or hold downs make sure they are clear of the truck bolsters.

  • 9. Grab should be centred to avoid unbalanced load and log spill. Be aware of slippery logs.

  • 10. Avoid turning too quickly with full or half grabs in order to prevent log spillage.

  • 11. Ensure room is left between stacks so logs are not touching, get high stacker to tidy stack if logs are protruding too far.

  • 12. When loading to chipper deck, ensure there is sufficient room to avoid log spillage from the deck.

  • 13. Ensure beak/tusks are fully open before using kickers to push logs off forks to help minimise risk of log spillage.

  • 14. Re check for traffic (mobile plant/trucks) before moving back to unloading area.

  • 15. Check for logs that may have fallen out of a grab that maybe in your path or create a hazard to other traffic. Tidy up if necessary.


  • Corrective Actions

  • Corrective actions should be addressed as soon as possible. Please notify Kinleith Wood Supply Manager of actions taken to address issues. Contact: Phone: 0274729693.

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