Audit Information

  • Location: Kinleith Logyard

  • Audit Date/time:

  • Driver Name:

  • Transport Company:

  • Truck Number:

  • Supplier:

  • Docket #:


  • Has driver completed Oji transporter induction?

  • Induction certificate sighted?

  • Has driver been trained against SOP K007 for the task?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Did driver wear correct PPE for the task?

  • Hard Hat

  • Hi Viz - Day/Night compliant

  • Safety Footwear

Load Safety

  • Was load safe as per Forestry ACOP loading rules:

  • Height compliance?

Task Compliance

  • Task needs to be completed as per SOP K002 and Logyard Rules

  • 1. Did driver make contact with logyard loaders/traffic before entering logyard?

  • 2. Driver should proceed to designated unload area, did driver avoid parking in entry and exit ways?

  • 3. Driver should not at any time unload billets from a self-loader truck on to the Binwood pad. Was this rule followed?

  • 4. Did driver only exit the cab when clear of traffic and walk in the safest area to avoid interaction with other tricks/mobile plant?

  • 5. When accessing the crane did driver use 3 points of contact at all times?

  • 6. When unloading logs did driver ensure there was a minimum 6 metre separation between the edge of the unloading zone and all other traffic or pedestrians/vehicles?

  • 7. When exiting the crane did the driver maintain 3 points of contact at all times?

  • 8. When returning to the cab did the driver use the safest route to avoid coming in contact with other yard traffic?

  • 9. Did the driver communicate his departure from the logyard and follow acceptable exit route as per the logyard rules?


  • Corrective actions should be addressed as soon as possible. Please notify Kinleith Wood Supply Manager of actions taken to address issues.

  • Corrective Actions Required:

  • General Comments:

  • Adam Mills Wood Supply Manager

  • Add media

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