Audit Information

Location: Kinleith Trailer Gantry

Audit Date/time:

Driver Name:

Transport Company:

Truck Number:


Last Docket #:


Has driver completed Oji transporter induction?

Induction certificate sighted?

Personal Protective Equipment

Did driver wear correct PPE for the task?

Hard Hat

Hi Viz - Day/Night compliant

Safety Footwear


Task Compliance

Task needs to be completed as per SOP K001 and Logyard Rules

1. Did driver clean off truck and trailer in designated area before entering gantry to ensure minimisation of trip hazards in the lifting area?

2. Did driver park the trailer so that it is centred lengthwise and positioned under the lifting hook to minimise trailer swing when lifted?

3. Did driver attach the hook and release trailer in a manner that reduced trailer roll?

4. Did driver stand clear of the trailer when releasing from the truck?

5. Did driver when lifting trailer from the ground, only lift trailer high enough to allow draw bar to be swung and latched and controlled draw bar swing?

6. When latching draw bar did driver stand clear and avoid standing under the suspended trailer? AT NO TIME SHOULD DRIVER BE UNDER A SUSPENDED LOAD

7. Did driver stand clear and to the side while completing lifting operation and lifted to a point to allow sufficient clearance for truck to be reversed underneath?

8. Did driver reverse safely under suspended trailer ensuring it is lined up and avoiding striking trailer or structure?

9. Did driver lower trailer safely and secure to the truck?

10. Did driver disengage the hook from the ground if possible, if driver accessed the back of trailer did they use 3 points of contact at all times?

11. Did driver ensure lifting hook was raised to a height that allows next truck to pass underneath safely before leaving?

12. Did driver exit gantry area giving way to other traffic?


Corrective actions should be addressed as soon as possible. Please notify Kinleith Wood Supply Manager of actions taken to address issues.

Corrective Actions Required:

General Comments:

Adam Mills Wood Supply Manager
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