Audit Information

Location: Kinleith Binwood Pad

Audit Date/time:

Driver Name:

Transport Company:

Truck Number:


Docket #:


Has driver completed Oji transporter induction?

Induction certificate sighted?

Has driver been trained against SOP K004 for the task?

Personal Protective Equipment

Did driver wear correct PPE for the task?

Hard Hat

Hi Viz - Day/Night compliant

Safety Footwear

Load Safety

Was load safe as per Forestry ACOP loading rules:

Height compliance?

Task Compliance

Task needs to be completed as per SOP K004 and Logyard Rules

1. Did driver make contact with logyard loaders/traffic when entering logyard via South Boundary Rd?

2. Did driver give way to logyard loaders on South Boundary Rd if present?

3. When entering BW pad, did driver radio loader and follow instructions if given?

4. Did driver ensure there was no more than a maximum of 2 trucks on the pad before entering?

5. Did driver ensure a minimum separation of 12 metres between any other truck or mobile plant and ensure only 1 truck per bay?

6. Did driver stay clear of the loading ramp?

7. Did driver ensure he was only unloading on the cobble area to maintain truck/trailer stability?

7. When exiting the crane did the driver maintain 3 points of contact at all times?

8. If driver is using a self loader crane to unload, did driver ensure there was a minimum 6 metre separation between edge of unloading zone and other pedestrians/traffic?

9. Did driver follow acceptable exit route as per the logyard rules?


Corrective actions should be addressed as soon as possible. Please notify Kinleith Wood Supply Manager of actions taken to address issues.

Corrective Actions Required:

General Comments:

Adam Mills Wood Supply Manager
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