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1.0 - Previous Assessment

  • Has the previous assessment been reviewed in preparation for this assessment?

  • Are there any outstanding corrective actions to be taken?

2.0 - General Work Place

  • Are walkway working surfaces even, uncluttered and free from slip & trip hazards?

  • Are all loading docks free of recognized hazards?

  • Are workplace load/unload procedures being observed?

  • Are trailer wheels secured with chocks or dock locks?

  • Are spill kits readily available for clearing spills?

  • Are work stations organized that allows user to operate safely?

  • Bins located at suitable points around site?

  • Are bins overflowing to the extent that slip risks are present?

  • Bins emptied regularly?

3.0 - Fire & Emergency Provisions

  • Evacuation plan displayed and understood by all employees?

  • Evacuation procedures discussed regularly? (3 to 4 times a year)

  • Are fire exits clear of obstructions?

  • Adequate direction notices for fire exits?

  • Are combustible materials properly stored?

  • Are fire extinguishers kept clear of obstruction, in their correct storage location, undamaged, filled and inspections up to date?

  • Are emergency spill kits present and suitably stocked for hazardous material clean up?

  • Are fire alarm activation points easily identifiable and free from obstructions?

4.0 - PPE

  • Are high visibility vests worn by employees when required?

  • Is proper footwear being worn and in good condition?

  • Are safety gloves being worn and in good condition, I.e. fingers not cut off?

  • Are their mandatory hearing protection areas, if yes is hearing protection being worn?

5.0 - Manual & Mechanical Handling

  • Are good manual handling techniques being observed?

  • Are manual handling aids being used in a safe manner?

  • Are wheels free from debris and free moving?

  • Is there any lifting above shoulder height being observed?

6.0 - Equipment & Machinery

  • Have all pre-start checks been completed?

  • Is all equipment maintained and in good working condition?

  • Is the area around machinery, clean, clear and in good order?

  • Are all fixed guards secured with only approved means, such as, nuts & bolts, Allen nuts - there should be no screws?

  • Are all interlocks system functioning and not tampered with as per manufactured specifications?

  • Are all electrical sockets in good order?

  • Cables or equipment power connections in good condition?

  • Are there any unprotected sharp edges on equipment?

  • All emergency stop buttons are working properly, in safe working order and clearly identifiable?

  • Isolation switches are identified and in proper working order?

  • Compressed air levels set for its intended use?

  • Are there any ladders/step ladders inspected before use and ladder tags legible?

  • All machinery isolated & locked out prior to performing any maintenance?

7.0 - Hazardous substances

  • Are substances stored per manufacturer requirements?

  • Are large quantity containers contents transferred to portable secondary containers displaying the same label as original container?

8.0 - Facilities

  • All housekeeping standards being maintained?

  • Is there good general illumination?

9.0 - Industrial Truck Operations

  • Are daily shift checks performed before and after each work shift?

  • Is damaged or defective equipment removed from service and properly labeled out of service?

  • Is charging station area clean and well organized?

  • Eye wash station within 25 feet of charging area?

  • Are eye protection, gloves and aprons provided in charging areas

  • Are all operators trained and certified to operate equipment?

  • Are all operaters using proper restraining devices?

10.0 - Designated Pathways

  • Are designated pathways free of obstructions/debris?

  • Are pedestrians observed walking in to designated industrial truck pathways?

  • Are employees observed working in designated industrial truck pathways?

11.0 - Warehouse Storage Racks

  • Warehouse rack weight capacity rating easily identifiable?

  • Racking system anchored securely to floor?

  • Racking system support legging free of recognized damage?

  • Loading signs in place and being observed?

  • Pallets stable and secure?

  • Empty pallets stacked securely and stable?

  • Damaged racking identified and removed from service?<br>

12.0 - Additional Hazards or Concerns

  • Hazard or Concern

  • Hazard or Concern<br>

  • Hazard or Concern<br>

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