1.You are implementing SAP Business One for a client. What is the minimum number of databases that should be created during the project implementation phase?
2.You use Account Code Generator to create segments for your Chart of Accounts. True or False?
3.When an item is selected in a sales order, which type of prices does the system look for first?
4.A new sales employee has started at your company. You have created a user code for this employee. Why do you also need to create an employee master data record?
5.Which G/L accounts appear in the profit and loss statement?
6.On the inventory data tab, what controls whether you are able to change the inventory accounts shown in the item master record?
7.You can define more than one series for a document type True or False
8.The credit and debit line item on the bank account is always managed as an open item True or False
9.The Payment Wizard Runs cover
10.At the end of the fiscal year the balances of asset will be displayed on the active side and balances of liability account and equity account on the passive side. True or False
11.What are True to Account Currency
12.What are True to Distribution rule in SAP B1
13.What are True to Dunnig Terms.
14. What are the advantages of using the Express Configuration Wizard to create a new company database? There are 2 correct answers to this question.
15. A company manufactures bead necklaces. The company also manufactures their own beads. All components are managed in the company's inventory. How would you define the Bill of Materials (BOM) for a necklace? Please choose the correct answer.
16. A company has defined the posting periods as Quarters. How often should they run the period-end closing utility? Please choose the correct answer.
17. A company wants to use separate blocks of numbers for purchase orders. A block of numbers should be allocated to each of the five buyers. How can the consultant implement this requirement in SAP Business One? Please choose the correct answer.
18.Which of the following is correct fer Leads
19.You can manually post to a Tax account
20.What are True to debit and credit in G/L account
21.The system provides a dunning wizard on the purchase menu that generates dunning letter for all outstanding vendors
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