• Eastern High School Newport Road Cardiff CF3 3XG


  • Floor surfaces are free from slip and trip hazards?

  • No obstructions present (furniture, equipment, coats, bags)?

  • Is the lighting level adequate?

  • Are diffusers installed on all fittings?

  • Is matting provided at all entrances?

  • Is matting in good condition and positioned correctly?

  • No protruding items in the walls e.g. Nails, screws, staples etc?


  • Are all handrails fitted and securely fixed?

  • Is the lighting level adequate?

  • Steps are not dangerous e.g. Worn, broken, slippery?

  • Stair nosings fitted on all steps and are in good condition?


  • Are free from obstructions?

  • Are not damaged (handles, closers, vision panel)?

  • Glazing in good condition and of safety standard or covered in protective film?

Drinking Water

  • Is available to staff and students?

  • Is appropriately signed (direct supply from mains)?

Fire Doors

  • Are they suitably signed?

  • Are not held open by anything other than approved door hold open device (no wedges etc.)?

  • Are not bolted or padlocked shut whilst the building is in use?

  • Glazing in good condition and of safety standard?

  • Are not damaged (handles, closers, vision panel)?

  • If hold open device fitted, doors release when fire alarm is tested?


  • Fire safety signage in place throughout the buildings?

  • Are emergency evacuation procedures and escape routes displayed in all rooms?

  • Cleaners cupboards and electrical switchgear cupboards etc identified as "authorised access only"?

  • Is the main entrance suitably signed?

  • Is signage in place for nominated first aiders?


  • Are they able to be opened without undue force?

  • Are restrictors fitted to all windows above ground floor?

  • Are they able to be closed securely, especially on the ground floor?

  • Are not damaged (including opening and closing mechanism)?


  • Is heating equipment operational and effective?

  • Are the temperatures of the radiators at a level which is not likely to cause burns?

  • Are all heating appliances checked and clear of combustible items?

  • Are blinds and shades provided and functional for large glazed areas?

  • Are temperatures in area suitable for types of activities?


  • Are they suitably signed to identify usage?

  • Are the lights in good working order?

  • Are the sink units adequately fixed to the wall?

  • Are WC's in good working order and securely fixed?

  • Do all WC's have toilet seats?

  • Are there locks on all doors?

  • Are the locks working correctly?

  • Is the facility for disposal of sanitary wear provided where necessary?

  • Is the means for hand drying available and in good working order?

  • Is there adequate hand washing facilities available?

  • Are they well ventilated with no foul smelling odours?


  • Is there an access control system in place?

  • Is access controlled at main entrance with a visitors book in operation?

  • Is there a cctv system in place and fully functional?

  • Is there an intruder alarm system in place and fully functional?

  • Are all outbuildings/boiler houses secured?

Boiler Rooms

  • Is there adequate lighting?

  • Are they kept clear, clean and tidy?

  • Are their locks in good working order?

Issues relating to equipment

Electrical Equipment

  • Are all portable appliances tested regularly with records kept?

  • Is the fixed wiring testing up to date?

  • Are all appliances free from damage to plugs, cables etc.?

  • Are measures in place to ensure sockets are not overloaded.


  • Are they serviced annually with records available for audit?

First Aid Boxes

  • Are they available throughout the school?

  • Are contents regularly checked and stocked?

  • Are members of staff identified as responsible for restocking/monitoring usage?

  • Is a first aid box available in the school minibus?


  • Are they serviced annually with records available?

  • Are there fire extinguishers in close proximity?


  • Are they in good condition and fit for purpose?

  • Are they stored securely to prevent unauthorised use?

  • Identified with serial number and inspected regularly?

LEV's and Fume Cupboards

  • Have they been serviced?

Issues Relating to Environment/Grounds

Walkways and Access Routes

  • Even and in good condition?

  • External steps in good condition, with stair noses and handrails present?


  • No slip/trip hazards present?

  • Is it of suitable size for the number of pupils?

  • Generally in good condition?


  • Drain covers in place?

  • Down pipes and guttering in good repair?

  • Is drainage effective throughout site?

  • Are gutters and drains regularly cleaned as part of cyclical maintenance programme?

Benches and Seating

  • Are they in good condition?

  • No protruding nails or screws?

  • Are they secured to the ground?

Grassed Areas

  • Are they well maintained with ground maintenance contract?

  • Are sandpits covered?


  • In tact around the perimeter of the school?

  • No sharp edges, damage, significant gaps?

  • Are the access gates in good condition and able to be locked?

  • Are walls stable and in good condition?

Outside Lighting

  • Provided where required and in good condition?

Trees and Hedges

  • In good condition and well maintained?

  • Cut back from paths and walkways?

  • No high level broken branches likely to fall and cause harm?

  • No evidence of climbing, swings or arson?

External Lock-Ups

  • Are they secure?

  • Are not positioned too close to the school?

Traffic Management

  • Is speed restriction signage present?

  • Is there adequate segregation between pedestrians and vehicles?

  • Has a traffic risk assessment been completed and current?

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