Pre-Inspection Stage

  • Prior to walk around inspection, the following documents relating to the premise/building/site must be collated and reveiwed prior or during inspection:

  • Fire Risk Asseeement

  • Asbestos Management Plan

  • First Aid Needs Assessment

  • Glazing assessment (where relevent)

  • Window restrictor (is this needed?)

  • Legionella/Water Hygiene logbook

  • Gas appliance checks

  • Electrical testing - portable appliance test records (PAT) and fixed installation testing record.

General School Fire Safety

  • Has a fire risk assessment (FRA) been carried out; is it recorded, accessible and upto date.

  • As per the FRA are all controls in place? (E.g number of fire wardens identified who are trained, is the 'Responsible Person' aware of their responsibilites)

  • Does the premise have a Building Emergency Evacuation Plan?

  • Is the fire signage adequately located around the building to inform building users of evacuation arrangements, tick below.

  • Fire notice actions

  • Direction of travel

  • Assembly point information

  • Does the Fire Protection Logbook contain records of the following:

  • Weekly fire alarm & smoke detector testing?

  • Monthly emergency lighting test?

  • Records of 6-monthly evacuation drills? ( min 2 per year)

  • Annual service/test of complete fire alarm system? This includes fire alarms, and fire fighting equipment ect.

  • Are fire extinguishers, fire blankets checked annually & labelled?

  • Are fire extinguisher signs displayed next to extinguishers to show types and use?

  • Are fire doors labelled and maintained and kept closed and do the self-closing doors work properly?

  • Do fire exit doors open (this means the fobs locked doors)?

  • Are fire escapes and corridors free from obstructions

Health and Safety Poster

  • Is there a health and safety law poster located in a prominent position?

  • Does it contain the relevant information - as identified on the poster?

Work Environment/Housekeeping

  • Are floors, walkways in good condition, free from obstruction and non-slip?

  • Are trailing leads secured or covered?

  • Are materials stored safely?

  • Are structures stable, secure/braced, and not overloaded? (Shelves/bookcases/filing cabinets/ect.)

  • Has appropriate safety glazing/film been fitted to windows within the building?

  • Can windows, doors and gates be opened safety and prevent trapping hazards?

  • Is there suitable heating and ventalation?

  • Do all stair/steps have a secure handrail?

  • Is the building appropriately accessible for all users? E.g persons with a disability

Health, Hygiene & General Wellbeing

  • Are there adequate arrangements for employees to take a meals, boil water, make a hot drink?

  • Is drinking water available?

  • Are there sufficient toilet, hand washing and drying facilities for employees and others who use the workplace?

  • Is relevant 'No Smoking' signage displayed in appropriate areas?

  • Are appropriate water hygiene checks carried out - in accordance with building water hygiene / legionella assessment?

  • Are those checks recorded in the water hygiene log book and dated?

  • Is there a appropriate cleaning regime in place?

Control of Substances Hazards to Health (COSHH)

  • Is there suitable storage for all hazardous substances?

  • Are the materials safety data sheets for all hazardous substances?

  • Are all COSHH substances labelled/marked/decanted appropriately? (E.g corrosive, irritant, flammable ect)


  • Has an up-to-date asbestos survey been carried out for the workplace/building and seen?

  • Are relevant employees and other persons such as contractors being made aware of areas containing asbestos containing materials?

  • Have relevant employees and other persons BEEN MADE aware of the building asbestos management plan on ATLAS?

First Aid

  • Has an appropriate first aid needs assessment been completed for the whole building/site to ascertain what level of first aid cover is required? (considering location, type of activities, number of employees, cover for absenteeism.)

  • As per the first aid needs assemssment is the identified provisions in place as required? (E.g adequate numbers of trained first aiders, sufficient first aid kits?)

Accident, Incident and Defect Reporting

  • Is there a process in place for staff to report accidents, incidents, near misses and dangerous occurrences in accordance with WCC Policy?

  • Is it being used?

  • Are actions being taken to prevent a recurrence?

  • Is there a process in place for staff to report detects and for action to be taken as necessary?


  • Has portable electrical equipment been formally tested & labelled in accordance with the requirements of the WCC Electrical testing policy? (E.g PAT tested)

  • Is a record available locally? (check records)

  • Are cables maintained in a safe condition? (e.g no cuts, frayed wires showing)

  • Are sufficient electrical sockets provided to prevent overloading?

  • Are all extension cables fused correctly?

  • Has the property undergone a fixed electrical test in the last 5 years?


  • Are waste/refuse bins ect, located away from the building to prevent arson?

  • Has the risk of unauthorised access to external areas of the building/site been managed?

  • Are external areas adequately lit?

  • Is the intruder alarm in good working order?

External Environment

  • Are risk from fragile roofs adequately managed/signs displayed?

  • Are car parks and roadways in good repair and free from potholes?

  • Are passageways and traffic routes free from obstruction and other hazards, ensuring the safe movement of people and vehicles?

  • Are external areas maintained? (e.g green areas, trimmed bushes)

  • Are external areas free from slip and trip hazards (e.g pot holes / raised slabs)

  • Is there safe access to the building for employees and other site users where relevant?

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