• Audit Team members

Door and Vault Access

  • Does the vault have electronic access?

Buzzer/Camera Placement

  • Take picture of front door from the outside; note hardware

  • Take picture of the front doors from inside of vestibule to the outside; note hardware

  • Take picture of vestibule door to the office- View from vestibule; note hardware

  • Take picture of vestibule door to the office- view from office into vestibule; note hardware

  • Take picture of door leaving the front office to the building- view from office to the main building; note hardware

  • Is more than one camera buzz-in required (large number of traffic through an entrance or a separate building not attached to the main campus)

  • Potential entrances that might need to be considered:
  • Door location

  • Take picture of door from the outside; note hardware

  • Take picture of the doors from inside; note hardware

Camera Location and visualization

  • How many cameras are active on your campus?

  • Who is able to view camera system?

  • Age of current cameras.

  • Are additional cameras recommended.

  • Number of exterior doors (including to axillary buildings such as field house, portables, etc)

  • Do all exterior doors have to ability to be controlled electronically?

PA/Speaker Needs

  • Does campus have Carehawk installed and working?

  • Please check all areas that speakers are working.

  • Is there an area that was not noted where the PA system cannot be heard in or just outside the building.

  • Please list those locations and explain need.

Door Locks

  • Do teachers teach with the door locked?

  • Do all of your classrooms have lockdown magnets?

  • Are there any doors that would not be able to use a lockdown magnet?

  • Why is lockdown magnet not effective? Please take a picture of the door hardware.

  • Are there any doors that are off key other than: Kitchen, testing room, ROTC room, server room

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