Store Audit

Was visitors ID requested on arrival?

Was the sign in process followed?


During building tour were all access points secured and reinforced where appropriate?

Did the store have a security shutter?

Are till points appropriately positioned to provide screen / customer privacy?

Are all cupboards on the shop floor containing stock locked?

Was the store generally tidy and free of misplaced paperwork?


What type of security tethering was in place for demo devices?

Was there any unsecured stock at the till point?

Were any terminals found to be logged in and unattended


Was the safe locked on arrival?

Was the safe left open at all during the visit.

Have the cash bags in the safe been countersigned?

Was the banking book filled in correctly?

How is the code managed and distributed?


Who has keys to the store?

Who has keys to the cage?

Who has keys to the shop front stock cupboards?

How are the keys managed and stored?


Was the cage left open during the visit?

Was the cage locked on arrival?


Are the CCTV cameras positioned to cover entry points, the back office door and all high value stock?

Is the CCTV recording system active and capturing 28 days worth of data?

Is the picture resolution of a good quality?


Was the back office door closed on arrival?

Was the back office door propped open at all during the visit?

Was the back office door fitted with a combination lock?

When was the code last changed?

Is the back office door glass obscured from the shop floor?


Was customer information found unsecured at till points?

Was any sensitive information found in the archive boxes?


Is the archiving policy being adhered too?

Was any payment card data found in the archiving boxes?


Do the team know how to report a physical security incident?

Do the team know how to report an information security incident?


Did the store have a working shredder?


Was there any equipment in use not provided by Vodafone, an example would be a laptop being used for Blackberry backups?


Overall comments and actions for Store Manager

Enter any corrective actions that will be undertaken

Sign Off
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