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  • Project Manager - Sam Pickett
    Phone - 0417 688 765
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  • Community Relations Officer - Jeremy Dyson
    Phone - 0421 146 353
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About Interflow

Work Involved and Impacts

Work Involved and Impacts

  • Work will include

  • Cleaning
    To prepare the sewer for relining, we first clean the sewer pipe using high pressure water jetting. Our crew will park their truck as close to the sewer maintenance hole as possible. If they cannot get close enough to the maintenance hole with the truck, they may use a repurposed mini-digger to access the maintenance hole. This min-digger is designed to fit through side gates and access the sewer maintenance hole where truck access is restricted. Our crew will insert a type of hose down the maintenance hole and into the sewer pipe. The hose will be pushed through the pipe and flush away anything that is obstructing the pipe. They will then put a CCTV camera through the sewer pipe to ensure it has been cleaned properly.
    Cleaning usually takes one full day.

    **Due to the use of high pressure water there is a low possibility that water will travel back up the house connection and cause toilets to spurt water. It is recommended that all toilet seats be placed down and if possible a small weight placed on top.

  • Lining
    Once the sewer pipe is clean, our crew will install the liner, usually on a separate day. Relining takes place between two maintenance holes. Our crew will park their vehicles as close to the maintenance holes as access will allow. Much of the equipment can be carried by hand, however they may need to use the re-purposed mini digger to access the maintenance holes if necessary. The relining process can take between four and 10 hours.

  • Sealing
    Once the sewer pipe has been relined, the crew will attend at another time, for around two hours, to seal the pipe making it water tight and prevent tree root infiltration.
    As with inspection and relining stages, vehicle access will be required to the maintenance hole.

    The sewer is then reopened and returned to full service for another 50 years.

  • Plugging

    To complete our lining works we need to control the flows in the sewer network. We do this by placing an inflatable plug inside the sewer that is dragged into place and tethered by a winch cable. Once this plug is inflated the sewer will stop flowing downstream and start to back up upstream. Our crews will then visually monitor the flows and release the plug once they reach a certain height.

  • Property Impacts

Property Information

Property Information

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  • Garden Sheds - Notes

  • Locked Gates - Notes

  • Paving - Notes

  • Retaining walls - Notes

  • Significant trees / plants - Notes

  • Swimming Pool - Notes

  • Property Information Pictures

Health and Safety Issues

Health and Safety Issues

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  • Children on premises - Notes

  • Health and safety issues - Notes

  • Known buried services - Notes

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Accessing the property

Accessing the property

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  • The resident has given permission for Queensland Urban Utilities’ contractor to access the property to perform the work

  • The work area will be returned as close as practicable to its pre-existing condition

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  • The details of the work to be done on my property, along with the associated impacts and proposed restoration have been explained to my satisfaction.

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