• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • "Akta Pendirian Perusahaan" is available and valid (100 points)

  • Company Bussiness Licence (SIUP) is available and inline with business activities (100 points)

  • Company Registation Number (TDP) is available and valid (100 points)

  • Tax Registation Number is available (100 points)

  • Ijin Penyedia atau Penerima Pemborongan Pekerjaan dari "Disnaker" ( Refer to art. 65 / 66 , UU 13 / 2003 ) (100 points)

  • For Security Service provider, Permit from Regional Pilice Department ( Ijin Polda ) available and maintained (100 points)

  • Outsourcing contract with CCAI is available, signed and reported to Local Manpower office (100 points)

  • The work inline with the outsourced works that reported to Local Manpower Office (100 points)

  • The service / work provided inline with the outsourcing contract (100 points)

  • Labor contract available to review for all workers (10 points)

  • Labor contract for all workers valid and not expired (10 points)

  • Labor contract for all workers has been registered to Local Manpower Office (10 points)

  • Workers given a copy of the employment contract (10 points)

  • Terms of labor contract inline with the regulation (e.g. no excessive probationary period, no excessive contract period )) (10 points)

  • Evidence of discriminatory practices (e.g. unequal wages for same work, preferential treatment, etc.) (10 points)

  • Labor contracts been updated to reflect changes in legal wage requirements (10 points)

  • Worker documentation complete for all workers (10 points)

  • Policy regarding wages and benefts is available and communicated to workers (10 points)


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