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Site Security

  • Fencing should be maintained in a serviceable condition. No broken post, no holes, no intruder damage. workable and lockable and kept closed at all times and should carry a sign on the gate. Areas that require to be locked at all times should be signposted accordingly

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Grounds Maintenance

  • As per standard from grounds maintenance contract. Line managers should be informed of any sites not being maintained to the appropriate site standard. Roadways should be adequate for pedestrian use where applicable. Third party access roads failing to meet the standards should be reported to your line manager. <br>

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  • Clearly visible, legible and undamaged. (Safety<br><br>

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Building Condition/Hygiene

  • Clean and tidy, floors swept, washing facilities including hot water, hand towels, soap, lights, heat, tables and chairs. Floors should be free from obstruction and dry. Adequate lighting should be provided of the task to be undertaken, clear walkways

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  • Where minor spill ages occur, the area should be cleaned up within 5 working days. Spill ages should not be left if it could cause a hazard or nuisance to others. Spill ages should not be returned to surface drains under any circumstances, or returned to the process if a detrimental effect on the process will occur. Major spillages should be cleaned immediately, if not possible, the spillages should be contained. The spillage should not be left if it could create a hazard or nuisance to others.

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  • Plant/hoses/cables etc. Should not be positioned across walkways or access routes when not in use. If during use, the need arises to position hoses or plant across walkways or access routes, the route should be inhibited (by cones, barriers etc.)<br>

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Documents & Log Sheets

  • Log book to be complete for every visit to include: Process changes, FE performance, unusual occurrences, asset failures or problems, assets taken out of service, incidents/jobs reported, maintenance jobs raised. Authorisations for contractors on site. breaches should be recorded and passed onto line managers.

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Paths and Access Areas

  • Should be in good condition, broken slabs/concrete reported. Kept swept, free of stones, weeds/moss and tools/plant equipment <br>

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PPE Availability

  • Corporate work wear should be worn at all times. PPE is to be worn as appropriate to the conditions or as instructed by systems of work or site signage. Only your latest issue of corporate work water should be worn

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Next steps

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