• Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Site

  • Location
  • Ticket number

Site works

  • Specify the type component you are working out today (Battery, PCS, PPC, Comms, TX, etc)

  • Write the component ID

  • Write details about the job to be carried out

  • Could the jobs be completed

  • Please add pictures before carrying out the works

  • Please add pictures while carrying out the works

  • Please add pictures after the job have been carried out

  • Explain what has been done to rectify the issue

  • Please explain what was done on site. Specify on the next page if any spare part is needed.

Spare parts

  • Is there any spare part used?

  • Spare part
  • Specify spare part

  • Add pictures

  • Is there any spare part required?

Spare part required

  • Please create and action with the part required to service.trinastorage@trinasolar.com Make sure you give the maximum details possible. Make Manufacturer model Rating Quantity

  • Add some pictures of the part or parts required

Hours and Completion

  • Number of people working on this job

  • Hours to carry out the job

  • Please type in the hours

  • Travel time to arrive to site

  • Please type in the hours

  • Travel time to return from site

  • Please type in the hours

  • Please sign

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