Title Page

  • SWI and Rev #

  • Auditor

  • Employee audited

  • Department

  • Enter Dept Name

  • Shift

  • Conducted on

Documentation Control

  • Does the SWI Rev.# of the sign off copy match the current controlled version on the network?

  • Does the training matrix reflect that the worker has been sufficiently trained for the task he/she is performing and is the worker signed-off on the SWI and associated Mod. Bulletins?

  • If a Modification Bulletin reflects any permanent changes to the process, has the SWI been updated?

  • Are all stakeholders (Eng, Mgr, Day TL, Aft TL, Night TL, Quality) signed off on the revision?

  • Can worker locate ALL SWI's and/or Modification Bulletins for this job/station?

Use of work instructions. (Observe 5 to 10 cycles)

  • Is the worker using PPE as intended?

  • Please STOP, correct issue, and record the nature of problem.

  • Does the worker follow the order of major steps defined in the SWI? (no prompt)<br>(If not, possible actions include additional employee training or issuing a Form 0504 Modification Bulletin and initiating a permanent SWI change using Form# 4854.).

  • For each process step, can the worker state key point(s) and explain why they're important? (prompt)

Leadership in Standardized Work.

  • Safety, ergonomic and environmental conditions appear OK?

  • Please STOP, correct issue, and record the nature of the problem.

  • Have you considered if there are opportunities to further mitigate risk (as reflected on the job Risk Assessment)?

  • Did you ask the worker if he/she has any ideas for improvement?

  • What are the employee's idea(s) for improvement, if any?
  • Record idea

  • Tools, gauges, scales, fixtures, aids, samples: available and in good condition, and calibration stickers are up to date?

  • ALL action items from last audit of this SWI have been 100% closed by the due date?

  • Auditor: Please share results with worker and TL (if applicable). Assign tasks as required and record on I&A List.

  • Auditor

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