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  • Manager


  • Gross Margin YTD (over 50%)

  • Store SPH Report YTD (over 200)

  • Club Purchaser Report YTD (over 30%)

  • Payroll Management


  • Safe Counts Completed (Last 4 Weeks)

  • Over/Short Reconciliation WTD

  • Deposit Logs Completed (Last 4 Weeks)

  • Rewards Customer Calling Campaign WTD

  • Truck Shipments Checked In & Correct

  • TD Disclosures Complete & Filed

  • End-of-Day Paperwork Completed & Filed

  • Defects & Pullbacks Processed Correctly

  • Current Availability List Displayed

  • Installation Contracts Signed & Filed (Not NY)

  • "Gold Box" Leads Being Worked

  • Enterprise Sales Orders Entered Correctly

  • Phones Answered (5 Rings)

  • Outstanding Customer Service Issues


  • Dress Code Adherence

  • Store Cleanliness (Floors Mopped, Shelves Dusted, Everything Properly Put Away)

  • Pool Displays (Signed & Clean)

  • Cat 2 Display (Signed, Clean, Organized & Full)

  • Floor Models & Bulk Stacks (Signed, Clean, Well Merchandised)

  • Patio Displays (Signed, Clean, Well Merchandised)

  • Billiard Displays (Signed, Clean, Well Merchandised)

  • Spa Displays (Signed, Clean, Well Merchandised)

  • Visual Merchandising (Shelves/End Caps Full & Forward, Floor Plans Set)

  • Cash Wrap Organization & Cleanliness

  • Current Promotions Displayed

  • Light Blue Sale Signs Displayed (no black & white)

  • Vendor Brochures/Ref. Materials Current

  • Necessary Store & Equipment Repairs Reported

  • Correct Chemical Planogram Storage / MSDS

  • Restroom Inspection (Cleaned & Stocked)

  • Stock Room (Organization, Cleanliness & All Merch Purged)


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