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Day 2 Day

  • RA handsets over 7 days?

  • Are there any iPhone RAs - Find My Phone turned off?

  • Are there any outstanding advocates

  • Tote boxes taken by courier?

  • Are staff searches recorded (2 per staff, per week)?

  • Are all visitors being signed in and out?

  • Repairs process being completed correctly (e.g bubble wrap)

  • Window POS correct?

  • Are live handsets secured correctly and cleansed of data - including deleted folder?

  • The store is adhering to the complaints policy and procedures?

  • Are welcome wallets being used correctly

  • The chalkboard in line with company policy?

  • More than 3 price tickets or backing cards are missing?

  • Accessory bay is organised and priced correctly?

  • The WEEE Benefit card is displayed on the shop floor?

  • The latest fraud alert has been communicated to staff?


  • Is the H&S visitor form being completed?

  • For the past 12 weeks the fire testing log has been completed and signed off weekly?

  • For the past 3 months the emergency lighting has been logged monthly?

  • Two fire evacuation exercises have taken place in the last 12 months?

  • For the past 3 months all SM monthly H&S checks have been completed?

  • The RM has completed both bi-annual checks in the past 12 months?

  • Fire escape is kept clear and bars removed during trading?

  • The H&S notice board is complete and up to date with required insurance and H&SAW poster?

  • The are no potential fire hazards?

  • Fire doors are kept closed?

  • The stores responsibility actions in the latest fire risk assessment have been signed off?

  • H&S risk assessment actions have been signed off

Paperwork / Sales

  • Are iDocs above 1%?

  • Are iDocs being recorded correctly - written on envelopes

  • Daily paperwork reconciled against CIF, Domino, Discount & Return

  • Are sales sheets attached to every sale?

  • OFCOM regulations sections and completed fully?

  • Contracts are correctly highlighted

  • Customer info is not left in inappropriate locations?

  • Is the archiving policy is being followed correctly?

  • Force churn folder is set up correctly and up to date?

  • Proofs are missing / incorrect / illegible / details obscured?

  • eIV or photo ID is taken for high risk devices?

  • HBB checklist is being used?

  • Chip and pin transactions are being processed as per policy?


  • Demo handset reconcile?

  • Demo sims reconcile?

  • Are all demo sims pin protected?


  • Demo handsets stored securely?

  • All staff have individual Citrix and Excalibur logins?

  • Have all staff signed the Excalibur Declaration form

  • All staff are wearing appropriate uniform and name badges?

  • All staff have completed insurance modules on House?

Ignite Extras

  • Banking is being completed daily and correctly?

  • Cash is banked randomly twice a week?

  • Compass discounts are being completed within 72 hours?

  • Epay transaction amount are checked against CIF rec report?

  • Ignite returns file is completed daily and correctly?

  • Additional Comments

  • In signing the below you agree and acknowledge your stores final score and the actions which are needing to be resolved immediately.

  • Regional Compliance Manager

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