Subcontractor Evaluation Summary

  • Contractor Name

  • Prequalified Supplier Arrangement No. (PSA)

  • Vendor Panel (VP) Reference:

  • Response ID:

  • Evaluation Review Date

  • Reviewed By:

  • Name & Position

Gate 1. Mandatory Requirements

  • Contractor Contact Name

  • Contact Number

  • Contractor Scope of Works

Gate 1. Mandatory Requirements

  • 1.1 Was a tender response questionnaire submitted?

  • 1.2 Has the contractor provided evidence of all mandatory licenses, qualifications, approvals and permits? Note: Organisational requirements e.g. Plant Registrations

  • Add Items

  • Requirement
  • List details

Do not proceed with the evaluation if all of the mandatory requirements are not met.

  • Has the contractor provided details of the mandatory requirements?

  • Proceed with the evaluation checklist if the mandatory requirements have been met.

Eval Criteria

  • Is the contractor third party accredited to AS4801 or ISO18001 or ISO45001?

2.0 Evaluation

  • 2.1 Does the Respondent provide training inductions for plant?

  • 2.2 Does the Respondent provide a risk assessment for the plant?

  • 2.3 Does the Respondent provide prestart inspections of plant?

  • 2.4 Does the Respondent have maintenance and repair records for plant and equipment?

  • 2.5 Has the Respondent received any infringement/ prohibition notices issued in the last 3 year period?

Eval Criteria

Mandatory licenses and authorisations required by the organisation

  • Summary

  • Authorised by:

  • Position

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