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  • Are weather conditions suitable for work?<br>

  • A copy of the environmental permit is kept on site?

  • Is a contact list and emergency instructions available in case of environmental emergency?

  • All instruments, equipment and measuring devices used for Environmental monitoring are calibrated?

  • Exclusion fencing been used to exclude environmentally sensitive ares?

Air and Noise

  • All plant and equipment is in proper and efficient working condition?

  • Are pre-start checks complete?

  • Are air emissions, dust & odours being monitored and controlled?

  • Plant or equipment is not emitting excessive smoke/gas/noise?

  • No existing adverse noise conditions on site?

  • Construction occurring within normal working hours?

  • Have the community been consulted if noisy activities are to occur outside of these hours?

  • Complaints regarding noise are monitored and actions taken?

Water and Soil

  • Site affected water (turbid) cannot enter the storm water drains or waterways?

  • Soil stockpiles are located away from drains and waterways?

  • Are sediment controls in place to prevent erosion and sediment loss and are they maintained?

  • Sediment fencing condition?

  • Sediment dams condition?

  • Silt traps condition?

  • Hygiene practices are being undertaken according to procedures? I.e disinfection practices.

  • Any controlled water discharges are compliant with client procedures?

  • No areas of excessive erosion or sedimentation present?

  • Is there excessive sediment on roadways cause by site traffic?

Hazardous substances

  • All fuel and chemicals are stored on secured, locked, bunded, sealed and or covered areas?

  • Are storage areas protected from major access ways and collisions.

  • Hazardous substances are being stored in accordance with their classification?


  • Bunds do not have liquid build up?

  • Bunded area capacity is 110% of the volume of the largest container or greater?

  • Bunds in good condition?

  • MSDS/SDS are available onsite?

  • No stains or evidence of spills visible on ground?

  • Fuels and chemicals stored at least 50m from watercourses?

  • Spill kits available in hazardous materials activity areas?

  • Spill kits are fully stocked with supplies and equipment.


  • Site and surrounding area is free of litter and rubbish?

  • Waste containers are labeled?

  • Waste containers are protected with lids to prevent fauna accessing the waste?

  • Bins are being emptied regularly to prevent waste build up?

  • Hazardous waste is provided with secondary containment and protection?

  • Waste Tracking Certificates are being completed for hazardous waste?

Flora and Fauna

  • Access tracks are available and being utilised?

  • No heavy vehicles or machinery parked under trees?

  • No visible disturbance or damage to tree canopy, trunk or root systems (unless permitted)?

  • Works are not disturbing fauna?

  • Trenches are covered to prevent accidental entrapment of fauna?

  • Snake bite or first aid kit available?

Cultural heritage

  • Have all cultural heritage areas been identified and clearly barricaded and isolated?

Weeds and Pests

  • All deliveries are inspected for pests and weed material (seeds/vegetative material)?

  • Site is free of weeds and pests?

  • Where working in or near weed affected areas, vehicle hygiene practices are being implemented?


  • Is the site in a Fire Ant Control Zone?

  • Are all soils being inspected by a Biosecurity QLD officer or has a written exemption been obtained?

  • Equipment is cleaned and inspected before removal from site?

  • Inspection of high risk materials is being performed by a trained person (Biosecurity QLD trained) before disturbance and then every 28 days for ongoing projects?

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