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SCORE - 10

  • Is there a commitment and an outline plan to implement six sigma?<br><br>(Must see the plan document to score a Y)


  • Has a six sigma champion been named and briefed with responsibility for promotion of six sigma?<br><br>(Confirm with the named person - Champion is a leadership role to support the implementation and help the local GB's and BB's using external influence.)

  • Has the identified champion attended six sigma awareness training & developed a plan ?<br><br>(Training records ( local or central) - plan needs to be 'SMART' with a high probbability of successful execution)

Does the Plan include:

  • The resource to support the pilot area with GB competency?<br><br>(GB level should be expected of strong team leaders and above, each busness should aim for a BB in each main business area)

  • The number of GB & BB delegates to commence training this year?<br><br>(How will the commitment be delivered? How will delegates be released for training?)

  • GB training for champion?<br><br>(Scheduled Date)

  • Relevant training for senior management?<br><br>(Evidence of completing Level 1 in Six Sigma)

  • Awareness training for leaders at all levels<br><br>(Team leaders - Senior management, also included in Six Sigma induction program - Level 1 event)

  • Identification of a pilot area? <br><br>(Where is it and what is the boundary?)

  • Clear understanding of critical customer needs in the pilot area?<br><br>(Contract and other performance measures. Documentation of the consequences of failure eg. FMEA)

  • A review process outlined to monitor the progress of six sigma projects?<br><br>(Evidence of a structure for the review process)

  • Having 2 people in the pilot area been through the UG 5 day GB programme?<br><br>(Could be 2 peers or a delegate and their supervisor.)

  • A pilot project that is linked to the business PDM?<br><br>(Review PDM and find the match)


  • Have the planned target numbers for GB and BB levels of competency been matched with names<br><br>(Talk to GB & BB)

  • Has the senior management training been completed?<br><br>(Training records of all the current Business Management team to a minimum of Yellow Belt - to Lead, they must have a vision!)

  • Has one greenbelt completed a project with demonstrable benefits, as targeted on the PDM in the pilot area?<br><br>(Evidence of the GB award and check back to PDM)

  • Has the review process been used to monitor the project in the pilot area?<br><br>(Evidence of review discussions)

  • Is there evidence that 2 people have completed 5 day GB training?'<br><br>(Names and dates)


  • Has the pilot area GB delegate commenced further projects?<br><br>(Evidence of further projects underway)

  • Is the Six sigma champion greenbelt trained?<br><br>(Not necessarily qualified to GB standard yet)

  • Has awareness training been completed for leaders at all levels?<br><br>(WB or YB training in progress at levels from DCO/Admin to senior management)

  • Are control plans in place for completed pilot project?<br><br>(Can the inputs perceived to be important be numerically verified?)


  • Is there evidence of six sigma implementation beyond the pilot area?<br><br>(Evidence that the methodology is being applied beyond the Pilot area.)

  • Are customer requirements quantified, and consequences of failure understood?<br><br>(Current QFD's and FMEA's available)

  • Are there more than 20%of planned greenbelts running six sigma projects?<br><br>(20% is of the final target number planned in'07)

  • Are there demonstrable benefits delivered by all completed six sigma projects?<br><br>(As verified by UG finance or contract manager)

  • Are control plans in place from completed projects?<br><br>(Evidence from completed GB projects to show that performance continues at the improved level or better.)

  • Has each trained greenbelt attended at least one six sigma conference?<br><br>(Diary entry and/or verification of attendance - Local conferences can help but are not sufficient alone. Evidence of active networking)


  • Is there a business level value stream map?<br><br>(Evidence of the value stream map)

  • Does your value stream map show the key business, in process, measurement points <br><br>(Look for the in-process measurement points on the map. i.e. Leading measures)

  • Does your value stream map show the key process inputs<br><br>(Are the suspected most important inputs indicated on the map)

  • Does your business management system capture historical data?<br><br>(How is the historical data collected and archived? It needs to be accessible for problem solving )

  • Have potential black belts been named and briefed?<br><br>(Names and check with the delegates)

  • Is black belt training underway and actively supported by the Business Management Team?<br><br>(Names with dates of modules attended and evidence that the business managers are actively supporting the development)

  • Has the business champion achieved GB status & commenced further projects?<br><br>(Relevant business leader in the Business unit -Look for the project file and evidence of recent work)


  • Is there evidence of collecting and/or analysing of process data at all levels?<br><br>(Critical to customer metrics (Q11 & 25) should have performance charts with excellent levels of performance and CCC activity when there are excursions)

  • Has a black belt been qualified and awarded through the UG process?<br><br>(All qualified BB's have a UG certificate with unique ID)

  • Are there regular BB focused project reviews with the business leaders?<br><br>(Evidence of the planned review process being in use)

  • Has the Black Belt pipeline been implemented?<br><br>(Execution of the plan declared in Q34)

  • Are key decisions (including new business) taken using appropriate data?<br><br>(Key decisions with significant (multi-thousand pound) internal or external impact should have supporting data and risk management)


  • Is the PDM supported by resourced six sigma projects?<br><br>(Examine PDM projects to find if there is Six Sigma rigour in the projects )

  • Are six sigma projects part of individual annual appraisals for the training and qualified GB and BB communities?<br><br>(Evidence of integration of Six Sigma approaches to work in the appraisal and target setting process.)


  • Are the relationships between process inputs and outputs quantified numericaly?<br><br>(Is there data that has allowed correlation coefficients >0.7 to be verified for key process inputs)

  • Is one section best in class for six sigma?<br><br>(Five Sigma or better, with documentation to support this.)

  • Do all employees use data to characterise problems and make decisions?<br><br>(Evidence of decisions being made without substantiating data would generate a NO to this question)

  • Is there internal six sigma training delivered by the black belt(s)?<br><br>(Evidence of course records and delegate success in GB awards)


  • Is six sigma "the way we all work"? <br><br>(As judged by the UG community of Black Belts - this must be multiple areas of the site and there should be something everywhere)


  • Has a black belt presented a six sigma paper at an industry-recognised conference?<br><br>(An original piece of work not a 'Review paper')

  • World Class<br><br>(Six sigma or better from a customer perspective - i.e less than 3dpm on all relevant CTQ's)

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