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EMS內部稽核開場會議Opening meeting of internal audit

  • 出席人員Participant

  • 報告事項Contents of report

船長室檢查項目Master room inspection items


  • 船員是否了解EMS 政策、方針及相關名詞環境、環境考量面等資訊. <br>Does crew know well about EMS policy, guidance and relevant noun definition such as Environment, Environment aspects.<br>


  • 船員是否了解誰是EMS的「管理代表」<br>Does crew know who is the Management Representative of EMS system.<br>

  • 甲級船員是否熟讀EMS 程序書並簽署.<br>Does officers familiarize with EMS procedure manual and sign the familiarization page<br>

  • EMS程序書是否依公司通告修正並記錄.<br>Does ship follow company circular to amend the manual correction and keep a proper record.<br>


  • 甲級船員是否了解公司目前推動的方案, 方案文件檔案是否建立.<br>Does officers know well about EMS current programs under going and build up the file properly.<br>


  • 船長是否每半年召開船長管理審查並記錄於DMP-FM04.<br>Does ship Master convene ‘master management review meeting every half year and fill the form ‘DMP-FM04’<br>

  • 船上是否製作船員培訓計畫並記錄於TNP-FM15.<br>Does ship make crew training plan and record on ‘TNP-FM15’<br>

  • 船上是否依計畫培訓船員並記錄. <br>Does ship follow TNP-FM15 training plan and train crews in time and keep record in file.<br>

  • 船上是否將「環境管理通告」存檔備查.<br>Does ship keep ‘EMS management circular in file<br>

  • 船上是否建立緊急應變計畫SEP-FM02並依計畫執行演練和報告(SEP-FM07) <br>Does ship make emergency response plan SEP-FM02 and follow the plan to train crews (SEP-FM07)<br>

  • 船上是否依SOLAS規定, 定期實施求生、滅火操演.<br>Does ship follow SOLAS rules to hold life saving and fire fighting drill in time.<br>

  • 垃圾紀錄簿是否依規定填寫並保留垃圾送岸單據.<br>Does Garbage record book fill properly and keep the receipt of garbage discharge ashore.<br>

  • 壓艙水管理計畫是否經船級協會認証, 壓艙水操作相關文件是否依規定填寫及保存.<br>Does Ballast management plan approved by class and the relevant ballast operation documents be filled as per rules.<br>

  • 船上是否依公司內稽計畫, 接受公司稽核員稽查並將文件存查.<br>Does ship follow company internal audit plan and accept company auditor inspection and keep the audit documents in file properly.<br>

  • 船上是否有公司年度的「管理審查會議紀錄」MRP-FM02影本存查<br>Does ship keep the copy of ‘Company ‘Management Review meeting record’ MRP-FM02.<br>

  • 船上是否每月填妥環境管理制度月報表並提報公司<br>Does ship fill EMS monthly report and submit to company<br>

  • 船長是否收集各港口相關規定, 確保環保符合規定<br>Does master collect ports’ relevant rules to ensure ship is compliance with local environmental rules.<br>

輪機長室檢查項目Engine officer room inspection items

  • 進入密閉空間是否依KOP-FM14規定執行<br>Does ship follow KOP-FM14 rules to enter enclosde space.<br>

  • 船上是否使用環保冷媒並有存用量管理表.<br>Does ship use environmental freon and keep stock quantity in file.<br>

主甲板巡視檢查Main deck patrol road inspection

  • 主甲板加油歧管是否執行壓力測試並標註測試日期於油管上. <br>Does bunkering manifold implement pressure test and remark the test date on the pipe.<br>

  • 主甲板氧氣、乙炔瓶是否有危險標籤<br>是否有安全回火裝置<br>Does Oxygen and Acetylene bottle mark with IMDG code label and anti- backfire equipment.<br>

  • 是否依要求張貼EMS政策宣言<br>Does EMS policy post in place.<br>

  • 梯口、住艙、駕駛台、主甲板整潔管理是否良好<br>Does ship’s housekeeping keep well in Gangway entrance, Accommodation, Bridge, Maindeck<br>

  • 物料間之整潔管理是否良好<br>Does ship’s housekeeping keep well in store room.<br>

  • 廚房、冰庫、乾貨間之整潔管理是否良好, 抽油煙機過濾網是否清潔.<br>Does ship’s housekeeping keep well in kitchen, ice chamber, dry provision room. Does kitchen’s exhaust fan filter keep clean<br>

  • 垃圾桶顏示標示是否依垃圾管理計畫實施, 垃圾是否依規定分類存放,垃圾桶集中處附近是否張貼垃圾處理規定<br>Does Garbage bins’ color match SMS garbage management plan. Does Garbage storage comply with the rules. Does Garbage management rules post in place.<br>

  • 主甲板排水孔是否用塞子完整蓋上, 避免油污染海面.<br>Does maindeck scuppers well cover by plugs to avoid oil pollution to sea.<br>

  • 壓艙水通風筒情況是否良好.<br>Does Ballast water tanks’ venitlation pipe condition keep well <br>

  • 油漆間是否有物質安全資料表(MSDS)<br>Does paint room keep MSDS for crews reading and instant use.<br>

  • 水龍頭、廁所是否完好, 沒有漏水現象<br>Does ship’s hydrant, toilet condition keep well and without water leakage.<br>

  • 船員是否正確處理醫療廢棄品<br>Does crew well treat medical waste.<br>

機艙控制室檢查項目Engine . control room inspection item

  • 船員是否及時處理煙囪冒黑煙問題<br>Does crew know how to treat black smoke from funnel condition properly and in time.<br>

  • 油料紀錄簿是否正確填寫及簽署.<br>Does oil record book be filled correctly and with PIC signature.<br>

  • 加油計畫KOP-FM10, KOP-FM11, KOP-FM12是否確實執行<br>Does ship exactly implement bunkering plan/procedure as per KOP-FM10, KOP-FM-11, KOP-FM12<br>

  • 船上是否依PMS正確維護保養機具<br>Does ship follow PMS to keep machine equipments a good maintenance.<br>

  • 船上是否適時維護物料及配件清單.<br>Does ship maintain well on store and spare parts inventory list<br>

  • 船上是否每月清點SOPEP物料並確認良好<br>Does ship check SOPEP material monthly and ensure them in good condition.<br>

  • 油水分離器OCM是否有每年校正檢查証明<br>Does OWS OCM be calculated and inspected annually and with a certificate.<br>

機艙檢查項目Engine room inspection items

  • 化學品儲放間是否有MSDS資料, 輪機員是否會查核MSDS資料.<br>Does ship keep MSDS file in Chemical store room. Does Engineer know how to check MSDS data.<br>

  • 化學品儲放間是否有保護人員裝備<br>Does ship keep personal protecting equipment nearby chemical store room.<br>

  • 化學品廢料是否收集存放, 適當機會送岸處理.<br>Does ship collect chemical waste and send ashore for treatment.<br>

  • 焚化爐是否可正常操作, 焚化的灰燼是否妥善收集並送岸處理.<br>Does Incinerator work function properly. Does Incinerator ash be collected and send ashore.<br>

  • 焚化爐操作中、英文說明是否放置在設備處.<br>Does Incinerator operatiorn placard which write in Chinese and English is in place.<br>

  • 污水處理設備是否可正常操作, 是否依規定投藥並記錄.<br>Does Sewage treatment plant work function normal. Does engineer put the pill as per rules.<br>

  • 污水處理設備中、英文說明是否放置在設備處.<br>Does sewage treatment plant operatiorn placard which write in Chinese and English is in place.<br>

  • 油水分離器是否可正常操作, 排海閥是否關閉及上鎖.<br>Does OWS work function normal, Does overboard discharging valve be closed and locked.<br>

  • 油水分離器操作中、英文說明是否放置在設備處.<br>Does OWS operatiorn placard which write in Chinese and English is in place.<br>

  • 機艙之整潔管理是否良好<br>Does Engine room’s housekeeping management keep well. <br>

  • 機艙底層之整潔管理是否良好<br>Does Engine room’s housekeeping in bottom plate space keep well.<br>

  • 機艙之油艙測深管之安全自動關閉器是否良好<br>Does Engine room’s oil tank sounding pipe auto close device work function well.<br>

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ISPS內部稽核結束會議Closing meeting of internal audit

  • 出席人員Participant

  • 報告事項Contents of report

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