MLC內部稽查開場會議MLC opening meeting of internal audit


報告事項Content of report


公司或國外船員代理公司於調派船員上船前是否主動告知船員工 作/生活環境及內容、可享健康和社會保障事項、需負擔之費用及 需符合之條件等相關資訊。 Whether the company or foreign manning agent inform the crew about the working and living conditions, the right about health protection and social security, the costs which the crew will be expected to bear and the qualification actively before boarding the ship.


船員是否充分了解於簽署僱傭契約前、公司或國外船員代理公司應 給予充分時間審閱僱傭契約及徵詢意見(至少七天 Whether the crews have sufficient time to examine and consult on the seafarers’ employment agreements (at least 7 days) and sign by personal will.


船上是否於駕駛台/機艙控制室或公共場所張貼包含每一職務之船 上工作安排表/當值配置表。 Whether a table with the shipboard working arrangements / watch schedules be posted in bridge / engine control room or public area which shall contain for every position.


船員是否每日據實記錄個人之工作/休息時數記錄。 Whether each seafarer is required to maintain a record of his/her daily hours of work / rest.


船長是否了解在考量下列狀況後,應指派乙級船員擔任當值。 Whether the Captain knows A rating forming part of a watch shall be dispatched by the Master after taking the following conditions into account.

(A) 任何時刻,駕駛台不允許無人值守; at no time shall the Bridge be left unattended;

(B) 天氣情況、能見度及白天或黑夜; weather conditions, visibility and day or night time.

(C) 接近航行危險區(物)時,負責當值之船副可能需要執行額外的 航行職責; proximity of navigational hazards which may be necessary for the Officer in charge of the watch to carry out additional navigational duties;

(D) 航儀(如雷達或電子定位儀,以及其他影響船舶安全航行之設 備)之使用及操作狀況; use and operational condition of navigational aids such as radar or GPS and any other equipment effecting the safe navigation of the ship;

(E) 警報及指示器之使用程序及限制 alarms and indicators provided on the Bridge, procedures for their use and limitations;

(F) 由於特殊的操作環境可能造成航行當值之不尋常要求。 any unusual demands on the navigational watch that may arise as a result of special operational circumstances.

(G) 考量船舶之交通密度及沿岸航行、分道航行之狀況。 Considering the condition of traffic density, costal sailing and traffic separation.


於機艙無人當值時: Arrangement of Unattended Machinery Space (UMS) 每日 08:00 及 22:00 時,當值輪機員必須作例行檢查,並將現場之 資料予以記入輪機日誌簿內,必要時將不正常情況報告輪機長。 The EOW has to carry out routine checking and take site data in log book everyday at 0800 and 2200 hours and report abnormal occurrence to C/E, if necessary.


機艙當值之情況是否正式記入輪機日誌簿,並知會駕駛台。 Whether official entries shall be entered in engine log book on the attendance state and acknowledgment must be obtained from the bridge.


船員是否了解正常工作時間為星期一至星期五每日八小時及星期 六為四小時,合計每週工作總時數 44 小時,但因航行需要當值輪 班者,不在此限。星期六下午、星期日及公共假期照常工作時,應 視為超時工作。 Whether the crews know the normal working hours shall be 44 hours per week and fall between Monday to Friday (8 hours per day) and Saturday (4 hours). If worked in Saturday afternoon , Sunday and public holidays, it should be deemed as overtime.


船上管理階層是否明瞭船員的休息時間 Whether the manager lead know crews’ break time. A. 所有船員應在 24 小時內有至少 10 小時之休息時間和 7 天內有 至少 77 小時之休息時間。 All seafarers shall be provided a minimum of 10 hours of rest in any 24-hour period and 77 hours of rest in any seven-day period. B. 休息時間可以分開,但不超過二時段,其中一段至少有六小時, 且相連的兩段休息時間的間隔不得超過十四小時。 The hours of rest may be divided into no more than two periods, one of which shall be at least 6 hours in length, and the interval between consecutive periods of rest shall not exceed 14 hours. 充分的排水系統,及排水功能正常,符合船旗國之要求。 Adequate of drainage and ensure normal function to comply with the requirements of flag state.


臥室、起居艙室和餐廳是否通風良好。 Whether sleeping rooms, accommodation and mess rooms shall be adequately ventilated.


船員起居艙室、任何獨立的無線電報務室和任何中央機器控制室應 配備空調設備。 Ship shall be equipped with air conditioning for seafarer accommodation, for any separate radio room and for any centralized machinery control room.


所有盥洗處應有獨立的通風,且直接通向露天。 All sanitary spaces shall have independent ventilation to the open air.


臥室、起居艙室和餐廳皆有自然採光,並配備人工燈光,並維持原 有配置。 Sleeping rooms, accommodation and mess rooms shall be lit by natural light and provided with adequate artificial light that need to maintain the original configuration.


所有臥室的舷窗皆有安裝窗簾。 All sleeping rooms should be fitted with curtains.


臥室皆有基本配備和空間,並保持整潔且舒適。 Sleeping rooms shall be equipped with basic equipment and space and kept comfort and tidiness


設有公共衛生設施,維持原有配置。提供給工作時及訪客使用。 Public sanitary facilities maintainable the original configuration, It shall be provided for duty crew and visitors to use.


所有盥洗場所均應有流動的冷熱淡水,現成船依原配置。 Hot and cold running fresh water shall be available in all lavatory. The existing ship shall be according with the original configuration.


船上的洗衣設備和乾衣機或烘乾室應保持正常運作。 The laundry facilities and drying machines or drying rooms shall be in normal operation.


提供衛生設備供船員使用,並維持原有配置,不得變動。 Sanitary facilities shall be provided for the crew to use and needed to maintain the original configuration not to change.


船上是否設有獨立醫務室。 Whether separate hospital accommodation be provided on the ship.


醫務室是否提供舒適的空間和設備,不可移為他用,以便進行醫療 急救。 Whether the hospital accommodation provides comfortable spaces and equipment for emergency.


是否有個人配戴的保護裝備,防止船員工作時暴露於過度的噪音 Whether prevent the seafarer from exposure to hazardous levels of noise and vibration, the original configuration be maintained. The personal protective equipment shall be worn when the seafarer work exposure to excessive noise.


船上是否有獨立空間放置化學品、防護具以及 MSDS。 Whether chemicals and protective equipments be put in the independent space and together with Material Safety Data Sheet on ship.


輪機部人員是否有更衣室使用。 Whether the facilities are provided for engine department personnel to change their clothes.


是否提供潔淨且品質好的床具和餐具供在船船員使用。 Whether The clean and good quality bedding and mess utensils be provided for use to all seafarer on board, and they should be returned when the seafarer disembark.


在大檯及二檯休息室設有電視、圖書以及放影機供船員使用。 Television, books and video machine shall be provided at official’s mess room and crew’s mess room for crew to use.


船上是否有衛星電話、電郵,可供船員私人緊急使用。 Inmarsat telephone and e-mail shall be provided for crew to personal emergency use.


大副或大管輪是否在船長授權下對船員起居艙室進行每周一次的 檢查,確保維持良好且適合居住的狀態,並作成紀錄。每次檢查日 期亦應記錄於航海日誌中。 Whether the inspections once a week be carried out on board by chief officer or 2nd engineer under the authority of the master to ensure that seafarer accommodation is maintained in a good state of repair and habitable. The records shall be kept in the archives. The time of each inspection carried out shall be recorded in the deck log book.


船上是否配有測量噪音及振動之設備, Whether The measurement equipments of noise and vibration be provided on ship.


為確保維持良好且適合居住的狀態,噪音及振動是否以第一次測量 的數據為基準,每年一次由船員測量,並作成紀錄 Whether the first time of measurement data is for basis. The inspections once a year shall be carried out on board by the seafarer to ensure that noise and vibration is maintained in a good state of repair and habitable. The records shall be kept in the archives.


測量振動的探頭是否每年經相關機構檢查一次,以確保數據的準確 性。 Whether the vibration detector be checked by relevant organization once a year to ensure the accuracy of data.


船上管理階層是否明瞭噪音或振動除了每年需測量一次,當有船員 反應噪音或振動過大導致身體不適或住艙有實質重大變動時,都需 再次測量並記錄。 Whether the manager lead understand that noise or vibration needs not only be examine one time per year, if there is crew feeling unwell or the crew accommodation of a ship has been substantially altered or reconstructed because of the noise or vibration, re-measure and record are required.


每餐菜餚由大副拍照後存檔於電腦內,並保留最近三個月之紀錄, 以做為查核參考。 Chef Officer has to photograph each meal dishes and keep on a file in the computer. The last three months record should be kept as verification.


伙食採買、檢查品質等作業依伙食費管理辦法實施之。 Provision purchase and quality check shall be handled according to the management on Provision fee Allowance.


伙食送船時由伙委、大廚、二廚(服務生)檢查之,經確定項目、數 量、品質後再行入庫,乾貨應確認均有標示有效期限。 When the provision to be delivered on board, it shall be checked by committee member, chief cook and 2nd cook (mess boy).After checking the provision of item, quantity and quality, then the provision shall to be placed in storage. All dried provision shall be checked the expiration date label.


肉品食材需置於架上,以確保衛生。 The meat shall be put on the shelf to ensure hygiene.


飲用水的補充是否依規定由專人於每航次抵港前一週計算飲用水 需求量,提供港口代理,以便於抵港時補充飲用水。 For every voyage, the person in charge of drinking water purchase shall calculate the supply quantity to the agent one week before arriving port. For supply drinking water when the ship arrives port.


飲用水供應商應提供飲用水水質証明,如未提供時,需將往來電子 郵件存於電腦中備查。 The quality certificate of drinking water which is provided by the vendor is required. If the certificate is not provided, the e-mail shall be kept on a file in the computer.


礦泉水應有品質符合的標示及期限。 The mineral water shall be marked the quality and expiration date.


二廚(服務生)是否於上船後十日內由大廚指導有關食品和個人衛生 注意事項,並作成訓練紀錄。 Within 10 days when 2nd cook (mess boy) on board, whether he is instructed in the note of food and personal hygiene by Chief cook. The training records shall be kept in the archives.


船長或大副連同大廚每週檢查食品和飲水之供應、儲存食物及飲用 水之場所、廚房及其他膳食設備,並作成紀錄。每次檢查日期亦是 否記錄於航海日誌中。 Whether Master or Chief Officer, together with Chief cook carry out the inspection for supplies of food and drinking water, the spaces used for the storage of food and drinking water, galley and other equipment for the preparation and service of meals once a week. The records shall be kept in the archives. The time of each inspection carried out shall be recorded in the deck log book.


飲用水水櫃每年至少應清洗一次並記錄於航海日誌中。 The drinking water tank shall be cleaned at least once a year and recorded in the deck log book.


造水機維護保養由負責之管輪做成紀錄。 The maintenance of distilling plant shall be recorded by the in charge engineer.


木匠每天是否量測飲用水櫃至少一次並記錄在航海日誌中。 Whether Carpenter carry out soundings in drinking water at least once every day and record in the deck log book.


廚房、配膳間、地板、乾貨間應隨時保持清潔。 Galley, pantry, floor and dry provision room shall be kept clear anytime.


大廚、二廚(服務生)是否了解廚餘至少每日清除一次並移出廚房, 以保持衛生。 Whether Chief cook and 2nd cook understood the kitchen waste shall be cleaned and out of the kitchen at least once a day to ensure hygiene.


肉/魚/菜庫是否每三個月清潔並記錄於 DMP- FM 03。 Whether Vegetables / fishing /meat room be cleaned every 3 month and recorded in DMP- FM 03.


船上醫藥箱及其內容、醫療設備、醫療指南及船旗國要求的藥品清 單由二副妥善維護,並每 3 個月定期檢查。應確保核對全部藥品的 標籤、失效日期和存放條件及其用法用量,並確保所有設備功能合 乎要求。對所有生病/受傷及其處理和所給藥物事宜,二副應記載 於醫藥日誌中。 The medicine chest and its contents, as well as the medical equipment and medical guide carried on board, should be properly maintained and inspected at regular intervals, not exceeding 3 months, by responsible 2nd Officer, who should ensure that the label, expiry dates and conditions of storage of all medicines and directions for their use are checked and all equipment functioning as required. The 2nd Officer will record in the Medical Log all cases of sickness & injury, subsequent treatment and medication given.


船上保健及醫療措施不局限於患病或受傷船員的治療,同時還應包 括打特殊需求預防針及健康和保健教育計劃。另船上應有血壓計測 量及流行性傳染疾病的通報和教導如何預防。 Shipboard medical care and health protection are not limited to treatment of sick or injured seafarers but also include measures of a preventive character such as health promotion and health education programs. Also, there should be equipped with manometers. Infectious diseases’ inform process and prevent guild should be applied.


船長及報航行員是否瞭解,在不同海域國際海事衛星通信用醫療指 導/協助之二位數代碼。 Whether the Master and Navigation be aware of the 2 Digit INMARSAT Codes for the different Ocean Areas for obtaining medical advice/assistance.


船上二副是負責醫療和管理藥品,和一名船員勝任提供醫療急救; 負責船上醫療的人員均應符合經修正的《1995 年船員訓練、發證 和當值標準國際公約》(《STCW 公約》)要求的訓練; Second Mate shall is in charge of medical care and administering medicine as part of his regular duties and one seafarer on board competent to provide medical first aid. Ship crews in charge of medical care on board shall have satisfactorily completed training in medical care that meets the requirements of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers, 1995, as amended (“STCW”);


船上應備有海事勞工公約手冊一套,由船長列管並保持其版次為最 新版。 One set of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Manual shall be available on board and kept up to date by the Master


船員是否持有符合經修訂的「1995 年航海人員國際公約及其修正 案之訓練、發證及當值標準」規定之有效適任證書及專業訓練證書 Whether Seafarers hold valid competency certificate and professional training certificates pursuant to “The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1995, as amended”.


在船船員是否都持有有效的體檢證書,該體檢證書需以英文顯 示,並符合人事管理程序書的規定要求 Whether the seafarers hold a valid medical certificate The medical certificate shall be shown in English and complied with Manning management procedure


船上是否備有英文版本之船員僱傭契約範本及船旗國船員集體協 議(如適用時)以供檢查。 Whether the English sample of crew employment contract and Crew Bargaining Agreement (if applicable) be provided onboard ship for inspection


每月船員薪資匯款明細是否由船員簽名後,回傳公司備存。 Whether Monthly crew wage list be signed by every crew onboard and sent back to company for filing.


船員僱傭契約是否符合人事管理程序書的規定應涵蓋之項目 Whether the crew employment contract include but not limit to the following items:

油漆間是否有放置 MSDS Whether MSDS is placed in paint locker

存放化學藥品的庫房是否有放置 MSDS Whether MSDS is placed in chemical store room

檢查表 ARP-FM04 中是否包含環境因素(如:主機轉速、貨載狀況) Whether the environment factors(example: main engine speed、 ballast/laden condition) are included in check list ARP-FM04

船員曝露於高噪音的機器空間內工作,風險評估是否已完成該 工作環境的評估 Crews expose to high noise working spaces, whether the risk assessment have completed the working environment assessment.

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MLC內部稽查終場會議MLC closing meeting of internal audit


報告事項Content of report

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