• Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Date and Time audit began


  • Photograph of Vehicle Being Inspected

  • Odometer Reading at Inspection

  • Last oil change

  • License Plate #

Belts / Hoses

  • Check belts for signs of fray or cracks

  • Check hoses for leaks or bulges

  • Check engine and ground for signs of leaks


  • High and Low Beams Operational

  • Left and Right Tail Lights Operational

  • Left and Right Front Turn Signals Operational

  • Left and Right Rear Turn Signals Operational

  • Left and Right Break Lights Operational

  • Hazard Lights Operational

EXTERIOR BODY AND GLASS (Take Photos of any noted damage)

  • Windshield Free of Cracks and Chips

  • Side Windows Free of Cracks and Chips

  • Rear Windows Free of Cracks and Chips

  • Left Mirrors adjustable and Free of Damage

  • Right Mirror Adjustable and Free of Damage


  • Front Tires in Good Repair with no Visible Signs of Wear or Cracking in Sidewall

  • Rear Tires in Good Repair with no Visible Signs of Wear or Cracking in Sidewall

  • Proper Inflation


  • Windshield Wipers Functioning Appropriately

  • Windshield Washer Fluid Functioning and Appropriately Wetting Windshield to Clean

  • Heater and Defroster Operational

  • Air Conditioning Operational

  • Dashboard Lights Operational

  • All Gauges are Operating and Show within Appropriate Ranges

  • Interior is Clean and Free of Loose Objects

  • Horn

  • Fire extinguisher

  • First Aid Kit

Liquid Level Check

  • Coolant

  • Oil

  • Power Steering

  • Brake

  • Auto transmission

  • Window Washer

Any other concerns?

  • undefined

Description of actions that need to completed.

  • undefined


  • Signature of Who Checked the Vehicle

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