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  • Project and work type

  • Location


  • Could the employees explain the task they were doing and what the critical safety risks were for the task? (Things that could cause injury/damage)

  • Critical safety risks

  • What control measures have been put in place that are keeping the employees safe while doing the task?

  • Are the controls keeping the employees safe and are they inline with the start card/SHEWMS/CRP's?

  • Comments

  • CRP's observed;


  • Environmental considerations

  • Other environmental considerations

  • Monthly SHEQ topic discussed?

  • Were any positive behaviours or conditions observed and discussed?

  • Were any areas of improvement observed and discussed?

  • Did you see any best practice or receive any great feedback that should be shared with others?

  • Rate your interaction today overall (1 being poor, 5 being excellent)

  • Rate your impression of the behavioural commitment to safety in the people you spoke with (1 being poor, 5 being excellent)

  • Rate how engaged the workers were with you during your interaction (1 being poor, 5 being excellent)

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  • Were any actions identified and agreed upon during your interaction?

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  • Responsible person

  • Completion date

  • Additional actions

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  • Action

  • Responsible person

  • Completion date

  • Site photos

  • Comments/Suggestions/Improvements/Innovations

  • Personnel interviewed

  • Additional personnel interviewed

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