• Stand (Gate)


  • Observed personnel without PPE? (Hi Viz, Ear Defender, Safety Footwear)

Pre-Aircraft Onload

  • Are the chocks and cones correctly placed before loading commence?

  • Was a Banksman used for all equipment and vehicles approaching the aircraft or reversing from it?

  • Are side guide rails fully stowed on all equipment prior to engagement with the aircraft?

  • Were stabilizers and/or chocks used on Ramp equipment?

  • Were guard rails/ safety gates deployed in the correct manner?

Aircraft Onload

  • Are the loading team in possession of the correct loading instructions prior to the on-load?

  • Is a pre-Onload briefing carried out between the Loading Supervisor and TCO prior to commencement of loading (as detailed in the pre-Onload briefing checklist)

  • Is an internal damage check (including compartment 5) completed by the loading supervisor prior to the on-load?

  • Does the Fueler have a safe exit route throughout the departure?

  • Are the ULDs presented for carriage on stand in a serviceable condition?

  • Does any ULD containing dangerous goods display a class hazard label on its exterior (a ULD tag with red hatchings on both sides)?

  • Were EMAs present and loaded correctly?

  • Were the electrical circuits checked before loading to make sure they are inhibited to prevent inadvertent operation?

  • Are agents observed walking between dollies/carts?

  • Did you witness anyone driving under the aircraft wings during the offload?

  • Were safety cones removed only after all servicing equipment, except the airbridge, was withdrawn?

  • Departure walk around conducted?

  • The main gear chocks remain in place until the pushback is connected?

  • Are wing walkers observed on roadway for departure using proper hand signal?

  • Wing-walkers are using TWO working wands (Lite wands at Night)?

  • Is the stand clear of personnel and all ground equipment parked correctly before pushback?

  • Once the Aircraft pushback has stopped in the Taxiway and parking brakes are set, is a nose wheel chock used?

  • Did agent provide visual confirmation to the flight deck that all pins used during the pushback have been removed, and it is safe for the Aircraft to Taxi?

  • Is the Ground Power stowed away and left in the correct position?


  • GRO raised where applicable?

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