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2 Handover and Collateral Delivered to Chorus

  • 2.014 Does the NMR record match equipment on site. (NMR move/add/change captured and updated when appropriate).

  • 2.019 All network items defined within the Chorus Network Specified Product (CNSP) process are used in the network. No non approved items used

4 Codes

  • 4.004 Correct Statement of Work codes used

5 Fault

  • 5.009 Escalation procedure followed (Defect Referral)

  • 5.01 Spares levels maintained, faulty spares referred for repair, faulty card description accurate, local spares used replaced from national holdings.

7 Exchange Equipment

  • 7.001 Equipment positioned & installed correctly, ventilation unimpeded

  • 7.002 Equipment anchored / mounted compliant with seismic needs

  • 7.003 Equip secure; Fastenings, Isolation, Earthing, Masking, Covers

  • 7.004 Equipment & racks labelled correctly. Node name visible. TLRD system name visible.

  • 7.005 Static straps fitted where required

  • 7.015 Equipment area tidy, task waste removed

  • 7.016 Air conditioning functioning and temperature OK

10. Pride & Logs

  • 10.003 Equipment Room Log completed in exchange

25 Poles

  • 25.003 Pole in good condition, no splits, burs

  • 25.01 Pole safe to climb (hammer/probe/dig)

28 Active Cabinet External (ASD-0484, ASD-0380)

  • 28.006 Cabinet Identification label on front door top LHS

  • 28.007 Graffiti Notice in place below cabinet ID

  • 28.008 Site tidy, no task waste, ground reinstatement completed, no property damage

29 Active Cabinet Internal LHS

  • 29.001 Outer Door lock works smoothly and door closes without jamming

  • 29.002 Door stays are in place and all work well

  • 29.003 Alarm warning sticker on inner door

  • 29.004 Check Door alarm works with Telecom Security 0800 103060 - 2 - 6

  • 29.005 AC earth rod installed next to Power duct & protrudes about 200mm above Plinth

  • 29.006 AC Earth wire warning label attached (green or red plastic tag on the wire)

  • 29.011 Site tidy, no task waste

30 Active Cabinet Equipment

  • 30.001 Inner Door lock works smoothly and door closes without jamming

  • 30.002 Cabinet door pocket will contain Eaton QA sign off documents

  • 30.003 Cabinet Telecom Earth tested <10 Ohms (in cabinet door pocket or iTools)

  • 30.016 Site tidy, no fibre or task waste, all optical (glass) ends safely contained (H&S)

31 Active Cabinet Internal RHS

  • 31.002 Door stays are in place and all work well

  • 31.003 Alarm warning sticker on inner face of door

  • 31.004 Soft foam seal plate secured. Cable entry prevents vermin/insect entry.

  • 31.013 AC & DC earth rod are made of same material, prevents electrolytic corrosion.

  • 31.015 DC earth bar tie to Equipment earth bar is 16 mm2 insulated conductor.

  • 31.016 Bottom LHS Earth bar strapped to each MDF vertical and the base of the cabinet

  • 31.017 All crimped earth connections solid and secure

  • 31.019 6 Base securing bolts have washers and are tight.

32 Active Cabinet Battery Enclosure

  • 32.001 Outer Door lock works smoothly and door closes without jamming

  • 32.003 Battery terminals are covered in Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

  • 32.004 All Battery terminals are fitted with terminal covers.

  • 32.005 Battery retaining brackets are tight and hold batteries securely

  • 32.006 All Batteries labelled with install date (Electronic Marking system, eg P Touch)

33 Retrofit Cabinet

  • 33.006 Earth and wrist strap installed

  • 33.007 Quante Module Switch Adaptor used for double jumpering

  • 33.008 ISAM , Door and Cabinet hard wire signs installed

52 Network Maintenance Routines

  • 52.001 Service person accredited

  • 52.002 Problems referred/ escalated

  • 52.003 Correct Network Maintenance Procedure (NMP) followed

  • 52.004 Correct checksheet held on site

  • 52.005 Tape dates checked

  • 52.006 Permit To Work obtained and conditions abided by

  • 52.008 Task completed correctly

  • 52.009 Task completed on time

  • 52.01 Network Records updated to Chorus systems

56 Mobile Network

  • 56.006 Any holes/openings in the shelter to be filled in (i.e. vermin proof). Including holes from recovered equipment.

  • 56.015 General condition of site, free of rubbish and hazards. Recovered equipment to be removed from site and disposed of as per Telecom's standards.

  • 56.018 Main Earth Bar correctly installed. Is isolated from wall/ironwork.

  • 56.02 No exposed copper or aluminium connections.

  • 56.021 All external earth connections to use electrolytic paste. This is not a requirement for internal earthing.

  • 56.022 No joints in any earth or lightning earth cable run.

  • 56.024 Mast/tower free from defects. Any rust or loose components must be reported. Check that there are no missing bolts or nuts.

  • 56.026 Correct orientation of tower/head.

  • 56.027 Railok/ climbing rungs/vertical ladder secured, installed correctly. All anchor points are safe and tagged with current certification.

  • 56.029 Stays appear to have correct tension, no loose ends or fixings.

  • 56.03 Tower doors/hatches padlocked and in good working order.

  • 56.031 Tower access points to be bird/vermin proofed. Use plastic products only.

  • 56.032 Lightening spike (in ground pit) installed as per design. (required on some new sites. Specified in scope of works

  • 56.038 All antenna mounting fixtures are tight and have correct bolts and are at correct tension.

  • 56.041 Painted if required as per specification/resource consent.

  • 56.042 Antenna or tower mounted amplifiers installed and secured properly as per RF Design. Must have correct 'hose clamp' type brackets.

  • 56.048 There is no external cable sheath/insulation damage.

  • 56.05 All external cables have adequate support. Must be secured to supporting structure every 1m.

  • 56.062 External feeder and RET cables are to be labelled with stainless steel Critchley at every interconnection point. (Antennas, every tail join, TMA's). UV rated plastic labels are also acceptable but the slide on type labels are for internal use only.

  • 56.063 Warning signage installed as per construction standards.

  • 56.064 Tower signage required for climbs and RF hazard exposure areas.

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