Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are all staff in the factory area wearing safety toe protection footwear?

  • Is adequate ppe being worn by people in the area and is it relevant to the tasks and the environment?


  • Have hoses been put away after use?

  • Are walkways and fire exits and escape routes in the area clear and free from obstructions?

  • Have spillages been cleaned up, or identified with hazard signs while equipment is collected?

  • Has other equipment been put away after use into the correct location ?

Forklift trucks and other workplace transport

  • Are the per shift use checks competed and up to date?

  • Have keys been removed from trucks not in use?

  • Are seat belts, where fitted being worn while the truck is in use?

  • Was any unsafe driving or truck operation practices witnessed?

Manual handling

  • Is there any observed poor lifting technique, eg: attempting to lift loads that are too heavy, bulky or not using the correct method

  • Are the lifting aids provided being used correctly?

Machinery safety

  • Are machine fixed guards in place , secure with no missing attachment fittings?

  • Are adjustable guards in place and being used correctly?

  • Are interlock switches attached, and have not been tampered with or damaged?

  • Are emergency e stop buttons unobstructed with easy access and it is clear what they stop?

  • Have lock out procedures been followed if machinery has been isolated for maintenance work?

  • Is there any evidence of unsuitable repairs eg: tape engineering?

Access and agress

  • Any of the following should be recorded as At risk:
    Climbing over conveyors
    Walking while distracted eg: reading or using a phone
    Working off a ladder over 2.0m
    Incorrect use of work platforms

  • Are suitable work platforms in place and have had a quarterly inspection?

  • Is access equipment in a safe and suitable condition and fit for use?

  • Is access to any equipment obstructed or blocked that would lead to unsafe behaviour ?

Communication and information

  • Are safety notice boards and safety related posters and signage relevant and up to date?

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