• Location
  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

  • Other personnel attending the inspection


  • Proper signs posted and clearly identified "REFUGE STATION"?

  • Is access clearly illuminated?

Fire Extinguishers

  • Are fire extinguishers available and accessible?

  • Do the fire extinguishers have their monthly compliance stamp?


  • Is approach to Refuge Station free of garbage and debris?

  • Is the air lock clean and orderly at the time of inspection?

Safety Equipment

  • General condition of the stretcher and accessories

  • Is the first aid kit sealed?

  • Is adequate door sealant available? (Required only in C9290 refuge)

  • Independent air supply (oxygen generator)

  • Emergency water and food supply

  • Temperature control equipment

  • Is the gas testing equipment functioning correctly?


  • Are sign off sheets in case of emergency available

  • Is the telephone working?

  • Is the radio working?

  • Is the PED working?

  • Is the Code of Conduct for Persons Occupying the Refuge Station posted inside?

  • Is there an up to date copy of the Mine Ventilation Plan and escape routes posted?

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