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Welding Staff Requirements

  • Is personal safety equipment in place and available for all welders

  • Is there a toolbox briefing in place - about Safety & Quality at least once a week?

  • Are welding certificates in place?

  • Is a welding supervisor named?

  • Are continuous welding Trainings conducted on a yearly basis?

Welding Stations

  • Is sufficiently light and space available to work?

  • Are original OEM spare parts used as consumables?

  • Are welding shields in place to separate individual welding work stations and to protect welders eyes of welding arc ?

  • Are work instructions for current process provided?

  • Is the welding jig serviced, numbered and in good working conditions?

  • Is prepared raw material rust free, grease free, free of dirt. Is welding preparation according to drawing.

  • Are handling and storage of weld consumables aligned with manufacturer guidelines/ recommendations?

  • Are welding machines yearly calibrated and serviced?

  • Is 5s practice in place?

  • Are welding stations clearly marked and identifiable?

Raw Material Preparation

  • Is there a QC note which proofs the quality and quantity of delivered Raw Material?

  • Are all sharp edges deburrt

  • Is all material sorted and delivered on pallets or trays? Can the material be identified?

Welding Inspection

  • Is visual welding inspection practiced?

  • Is destructive welding inspection practiced? WPS,......

  • Are welding reports generated regularly and briefed in toolbox meetings?

  • Are non destructive welding tests implemented? DIY penetration testing?<br>

General Impression of Progress & Safety

  • Is first Aid trained stuff available in case of emergency? Are first Aid kits in place?

  • Safety Shoes

  • Safety Glasses

  • Workplace cleanness

  • Overall impression of Improvement & Safety


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