• Is there a WHS management plan in place?

  • Are all workers on site aware of the WHS management plan and site rules

  • Have all workers on site provided evidence that they have a White Card sighted?

  • Have all workers on site received a Site Specific Induction?

  • Have SWMS been developed for any High Risk Activities being undertaken?

1st Aid/Incidents

  • Is there an Accident Procedure for the site?

  • Are workers on site aware of the procedure?

  • Are there sufficient first aid kits readily available?

  • Is their location known?

  • Are first aid kits regularly checked?

  • Are all injuries,incidences & near misses reported and recorded?

Emergency evacuation/fire

  • Is there an emergency procedure for the site?

  • Are workers on site aware of the procedures?

  • Are designated exits kept clear?

  • Are means of extinguishing a fire available on site?

Working at Height/Scaffolding

  • Have SWMS been developed where there is a risk of a person falling 2.0 meters or more?

  • Are appropriate fall prevention controls in place?

  • Do scaffold or working platforms over 2 meters have fall protection and kick boards or containment screens?

  • Is void protection to stairs or floor penetrations in place?

  • Have scaffolds over 4.0 meters in height been erected by a person holding certificate of competency?

  • Have hand-over certificates been provided for scaffold prior to their first use?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Are workers on site wearing appropriate protective footwear?

  • Are contractors wearing protective eye wear if foreign objects are being generated?

  • Is hearing equipment available and used as required?

  • Is sun protection available?

  • Do visitors wear relevant PPE?


  • Is appropriate signage displayed where a particular hazardous process is occurring or where specific PPE is required?

Hazardous Substances

  • Are material safety data sheets available to workers for any hazardous substances on site?

  • Is there a hazardous substances register readily available and up to date?

  • Are containers correctly labelled?

  • Have SWMS been developed for any hazardous substances in use?


  • Is there excessive noise being generated on site?

  • If so is suitable hearing protection being worn?

Work Areas/Housekeeping/Amenities

  • Are work areas tidy?

  • Are rubbish bins emptied regularly?

  • Is material appropriately stored / stacked?

  • Is clean drinking water available on site?

  • Are lighting levels satisfactory?

  • Are access and egress ways clear of debris?

Manual Handling

  • Are mechanical aids used to minimize manual handling risks?

  • Are workers using the correct manual handling techniques?

  • Have workers received training in correct manual handling techniques?

Powered Hand Tools

  • Have all staff been trained as competent in the use of powered hand tools?

  • Are training records maintained?

  • Are all powered hand tools regularly serviced and records maintained?

  • Are guards to powered hand tools fully operable?

Trenches & Excavations

  • Have SWMS been developed for any trenches exceeding 1.5m in depth where a person is required to enter?

  • Are trenches / excavations suitably benched, battered or shored?

  • Are trenches / excavations suitably protected to prevent persons falling in?

  • Have enquiries been made with "Dial Before You Dig" prior to starting?


  • Are regular inspections conducted and records maintained?

  • Is there adequate and well maintained guarding in place?

  • Are emergency stop buttons provided and easily accessible?

  • Does e operator have a license to operate the equipment?

  • Have SWMS been developed for any powered mobile plant?

  • Are log books being maintained?

  • Are workers wearing high visibility vests where mobile plant is operating?

  • Are forklifts fitted with operational audible reversing beepers?

Electrical Equipment

  • Are all leads & electrical equipment tested & tagged as required?

  • Are RCD's being used, tested as required & records maintained?

  • Are extension leads in good condition?

  • Is clear access provided to electrical switchboards?

  • Are controls in place where working in proximity to high voltage electrical cables?


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