Job Start

  • JHA on the job, in date and completed

  • CRM - Critical risks and critical controls identified on JHA and in place

  • Take 5'son the job, in date and completed

  • Work area demarked and sign posted

  • Clear access/egress to work area

  • Supervisor to crew ratio suitable (Span of Control)


  • Materials neatly stacked

  • Work areas unobstructed

  • Suitable hose management

  • Correct signage in place and legible

  • Access ways throughout work area clear

Traffic Management

  • Segregation of LV and SME

  • Park up area correctly designed

  • Traffic management and/or control plans in place, publicized and followed

  • Speed limits posted correctly

  • Windrows correct height for traffic

  • Roadway design to standard for traffic


  • Prestart, pre lift assessment and log book completed

  • Cranes set up correctly and suitable for task

  • Barricading in place for lift and slew zones

  • Loads tied off and/or secure

  • Pre lift assessment / lift study / calculation sheet in place and followed

  • Crane operator assessed as competent

  • Dogman / rigger following procedure

  • Lifting gear inspected, tagged and certified

  • Weather and ground conditions assessed

Working at Heights

  • (FIPS) Suitable mode (restraints/LLF) applied to task. FIPS secure and used correctly

  • FIPS inspected, tagged and certified

  • EWP operations following procedure

  • Spotters trained and in place


  • HV access permit

  • ECO barricading in place during erection and dismantling of scaffold

  • Drop zone barricading in place

  • Dropped objects prevention in place

  • WAH Permit valid for task

  • Equipment (portable, welders, lighting plant, etc) inspected and tagged

  • ELCB/RCD used for portable tools

  • Leads and plugs condition to standard

  • Suitable lead management (stands/hooks etc)

  • Isolations in place

  • Isolation points labelled and lockable

  • Isolation Permit in place and followed


  • Grinder(s) fit for purpose and used to standard

  • Safety clips fitted to hoses

  • Discs used in grinders applicable to task

  • Guards fitted to machinery/tools

  • Power tools condition to standard and fitted with Deadman switch

  • Whip checks and hose couplings fitted on HP hoses

Confined Space

  • CS Permit in place and followed

  • Sentry trained and in place at entry point

Excavations and Penetrations

  • Excavation benched / battered

  • Barricading and signage to standard

  • Access / egress to standard

  • PPE to standard for task

  • Digging methodology meets Permit conditions

  • Caps on star pickets and rebar

  • Excavation and Penetration Permit in placed and followed


  • Appropriate PPE available at the worksite

  • Appropriate PPE in use

Occupational Health

  • Exposure to noise controlled

  • Fibrous material controls meets standard

  • Vibration controls in place for task

Vehicles and Mobile Equipment

  • Vehicles reverse parked or drive through

  • Road rules are being followed

  • Vehicle approved and meets FRCS standard

  • Vehicle daily pre start checks completed

  • Flashing lights and headlights on

  • Spotter used

  • Radio procedures being followed


  • Erected by competent person

  • Scafftag fitted and current

  • Access ways clear with gates or drop bars fitted

  • Platforms not overloaded

Hot Work

  • Hot Work Permit in place and followed

  • Hazardous areas identified and controlled

  • Cutting / welding equipment to standard

  • Flashback arresters secured at both ends of hose, inspected prior to use and annually

Loading and Unloading

  • Loading / Unloading assessment checklist used

  • No over centre binders

  • Delivery driver inducted to site

Training and Competency

  • Personnel inducted to site (including visitors)

Night Work

  • Personnel trained in fatigue management

  • Works outside 0600 to 1800 hrs approved

  • Lighting meets lux requirement

Crib Room Health and Safety

  • CRAW posted in crib room and reflects current scope of works, CRM embeded

  • Storage of food hygienic with refrigeration, heating equipment function and clean

  • Potable hot / cold water available

  • HSE Noticeboards erected and to standard

  • Buildings are suitably rated and secured for wind region rating

  • Electrical appliances inspected and tagged

Emergency Rspoense

  • Fire fighting equipment in place and fit for purpose

  • Access to fire fighting equipment

  • First aid facilities in place and fit for purpose

  • Emergency assembly area(s) clear

  • Fire breaks in place and adequate

  • Minimum one person in crew Senior FA trained

  • Personnel know the ER procedure


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Non Compliance and Recommendations

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