General Work Environment

  • Permit and JSA at work site and easy accessible for inspection?

  • Permit filled out and signed by ALL EMPLOYEES at work site?

  • JSA filled out and signed by ALL EMPLOYEES at work site?

  • Are all work areas clean?

  • Are aisles, walkways, doorways, and exit routes kept clear and unobstructed?

  • Is material piled, stacked, or racked in a manner to prevent it from tipping, falling, collapsing, rolling, or spreading?

First Aid and Emergency Equipment

  • Is there at least one person on site trained in first aid and CPR?

  • Are first aid kits easily accessible?

Fire Protection and Prevention

  • Are fire extinguishers clearly visible and unobstructed at all times?

  • Are fire extinguishers inspected monthly for proper tags, pins, hoses not cracked or plugged, fully charged, and tags up to date?

Fall Protection

  • Are holes and other floor openings guarded by a grate, cover, guardrail, or equivalent on all sides (except at entrances to stairways or ladders)?

  • Are fall protection harnesses and lanyards used by every employee working 4 feet or higher?

  • Where a job site has protruding steel rebar or other protrusions below the work level, are they protected by covers to prevent impalement injuries?

Portable Ladders

  • Are ladders being used for their designed purpose only? (Step ladders/Extension ladders)

  • Do they have the appropriate labels?

  • Are they in good condition?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Is the appropriate PPE worn by employees?

Materials - Handling, Storage, Use, and Disposal

  • Chemicals being stored and labeled correctly?


  • Was the scaffold inspected prior to use and scaffold tag properly filled out?

  • Are scaffolds in good working condition with no damage or missing parts?

  • Have toeboards been installed to prevent falling objects?


  • Are all cord-connected, electrically-operated tools and equipment double insulated or effectively grounded?

  • Are ground-fault circuit interrupters provided on all temporary electrical circuits?

  • Are all electrical rooms/panels secured and have proper signage?

  • Are all electrical cords inspected, protected from damage and in good working condition (i.e. no splices, frays, or the ground prong is removed)?

  • LOTO in place?

Power-Actuated Tools / Hand and Power Tools

  • Are employees who operate power actuated tools properly trained and carry a valid operator's card?

  • Are grinders, saws, and other tools with moving parts, equipped with appropriate safety guards to prevent physical contact with moving parts?

Traffic Control

  • Have flaggers been properly trained and carry their flagger certification card?

Equipment Operator

  • Has operator been trained?

  • Has equipment been inspected?

  • Has JSA been filled out for the use of equipment?

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