1. Are command regulations concerning Aircrew Flight Equipment and training available?

2. Are current Tech Orders on file for the equipment available?

3. Are survival equipment/vest packed IAW regulations?

4. Does the AFE Officer/NCOS assist the flight surgeon in investigating physiological incidents and completing all 711 GA's? Are the AFE technicians trained to make inspections of equipment following physiological incidents?

5. Is cast tester available to leak test O2 connectors in conjunction with oxygen mask inspections?

6. Is the AFE technician on duty certified and fully trained?

7. Does each crew member test his/her oxygen mask before flight? Are aircrew member's performing the parachute preflight inspection?

8. Are checklist procedures posted for aircrews to preflight equipment?

9. Do helmets/parachutes receive a thorough inspection every 30 days? Are parachutes re-packed every 180 days?

10. Are life preservers available for issue to aircrews?

11. Are aircrews stowing the gold key lanyard assembly?

12. Does the AFE unit provide training? Does the training program emphasize ejection decision criteria? Are aircrews given hands on training with signaling devices? Is emergency egress training provided on a recurring basis?

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