5.1.10 Structural Repairs

List MMP References:

a. Are details of all structural repairs, including repair by replacement, to at least primary aircraft structure, forwarded to the AEO?

b. Does the AMO request a repair scheme from the AMO, where the structural repair is outside the scope of the AMD, containing;

1. State Aircraft or Aeronautical Product identification/serial number,

2. details of the damage, including location,

3. relevant maintenance publication that makes reference to the damaged area, and

4. where applicable, details of a proposed non-standard repair?

5.1.11 Weight and Balance

List MMP References:

a. Is accurate and current weight and balance information maintained AMO?

b. Are State Aircraft and AEO nominated Aeronautical Product weighed by trained and authorised personnel;

1. after any maintenance activity which is likely to markedly alter the weight or Centre of Gravity, and

2. as otherwise nominated by the AEO?

c. Are details of all aircraft weighs forwarded to AEO?

Audit Summary

Auditor's Summary

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