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4.2.1 Exemption Requirements

  • List MMP References:

  • a. Has the AMO had a need to seek exemption from TAREGs 4 and 5?

  • b. Was the exemption request from the applicable TAREG been submitted in writing to the TAR as per the requirements of TAREG 1.1.4?

4.4.1 Maintenance Management Plan

  • List MMP References:

  • 1. Does the MMP have a documented certification by the Senior Executive that:

  • a. Approves the issue of the MMP?

  • b. Attests the MMP and any referenced plans, procedures and instructions accurately reflect the Maintenance Management System (MMS)?

  • c. Confirms all maintenance activities undertaken by the AMO can be carried out in accordance with applicable Regulations 4 and 5?

  • 2. Does the MMP document a system to manage Exemptions in accordance with TAREG 4.2.1?

  • 3. Does the MMP document the organisational structure that includes:

  • a. The titles of management positions?

  • b. The titles of supervisory positions?

  • c. An organisational chart or equivalent document showing associated chains of management and maintenance responsibility of the key appointments and groups within the AMO?

  • 4. Does the MMP document the system used by the AMO to outsource maintenance or maintenance support functions including:

  • a. The organisation/s used to supplement the AMO’s maintenance or maintenance support functions?

  • b. the maintenance conducted by the external organisation/s on behalf of the AMO, and

  • c. the management processes associated with assessing and authorising an external organisation for inclusion in the AMO’s Maintenance Support Network.

  • 5. Does the MMP document a Quality Management System that complies with TAREG 4.4.2?

  • 6. Does the MMP document specific responsibilities and selection criteria, detailing required qualifications, training and experience for the Senior Maintenance Manager (SMM)?

  • 7. Does the MMP document the selection criteria, detailing required qualifications, training and experience for the appointment of the Quality Manager?

  • 8. Does the MMP document the selection criteria for all personnel planning, performing, supervising, inspecting and certifying maintenance?

  • 9. Does the MMP document the procedures to prevent the ingress of foreign objects into, and the detection and removal of those objects from, State Aircraft and/or Aeronautical Product?

  • 10. Does the MMP document the system used for authorising personnel in accordance with TAREG 4.5.3 in the MMP?

  • 11. Does the MMP document the system for management of human factors and maintenance error in accordance with TAREG 4.5.4?

  • 12. Does the MMP document a general description of facilities, including their location, used to conduct maintenance?

  • 13. Does the MMP document where relevant, procedures to assess the adequacy and availability of facilities required to conduct maintenance away from the main maintenance facility?

  • 14. Does the MMP document the systems and procedures used by the AMO to comply with all applicable TAREG 5 clauses?

  • b. If the AMO believes that any TAREG 5 clause is not applicable to their AMO, does the MMP contain a statement which explains why the clause should not be considered applicable?

4.4.2. Quality Management System

  • List MMP References:

  • a. The AMO must establish and maintain a documented Quality Management System (QMS) acceptable to the TAR that includes:

  • 1. management reviews of processes, procedures and audit findings, and

  • 2. a system of internal quality indicators.

  • b. The QMS must include an internal audit program that:

  • 1. ensures the documented MMS continues to comply with applicable TAREGs 4 and 5;

  • 2. evaluates conformance with procedures and processes that are stated or referenced in the MMP;

  • 3. includes corrective and preventive actions, any necessary follow-up, and corrective action close-out; and

  • 4. includes review and reporting of the effectiveness of preventive actions.

4.4.3. Maintenance Support Networks (MSN)

  • List MMP References:

  • a. The Senior Maintenance Manager (SMM) remains responsible to the TAR for all maintenance outsourced by the AMO.

  • b. Does the AMO ensure organisations that conduct maintenance of complete State Aircraft, complete engines, and major engine sub-assemblies are not included as part of the AMO’s MSN unless:

  • 1. The organisation has been certified by the TAR for the maintenance being conducted, or

  • 2. The organisation is operating under accreditation by a TAR recognised Airworthiness Authority IAW TAREG 4.1.4 and provides an Authorised Release Certificate for maintenance being conducted?

Auditor's Summary

  • Auditor's Summary

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