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5.1.12 Contingency Maintenance and Battle Damage Repair

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  • a. Where a Contingency Maintenance (CMAINT) and Battle Damage Repair (BDR) capability is required, does the AMO;

  • 1. have documented CMAINT and BDR AEO approved procedures?

  • 2. ensure the use of CMAINT and BDR techniques are documented IAW the approved maintenance recording system? and

  • 3. ensure that only authorised personnel perform BDR?

  • b. Are CMAINT procedures only invoked for declared contingencies?

  • c. Has training for BDR only been performed on training aids?

  • d. Are CMAINT and BDR repair details forwarded to the AEO at the earliest possible opportunity?

  • e. Are State Aircraft and Aeronautical Product subject to CMAINT and BDR action surveyed, as soon as contingency circumstances cease, to determine the action required to recover technical integrity?

  • f. Are State Aircraft and Aeronautical Product subject to CMAINT returned to peacetime maintenance immediately contingency circumstances cease?

  • g. If required during contingencies can the SMM approve the use of salvaged Aeronautical Product without AEO approval when CMAINT has been invoked?

5.5.1 Initial Requirements

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  • a. Does the AMO comply with all accident reporting requirements defined by the Sponsor and the relevant AEO?

  • b. On notification of an aircraft accident, does the SMM ensure that, for the affected aircraft, all actions are taken to preserve evidence both at the accident site and within the AMO?

5.5.2 Recovery of Aircraft

  • List MMP References:

  • a. Where the AMO is responsible for the recovery of accident damaged aircraft, does the AMO;

  • 1. have procedures for the recovery of aircraft?

  • 2. have, or have timely access to, any required recovery equipment?

  • 3. have competent and authorised personnel to perform the recovery procedures? and

  • 4. advise the AEO of the details of damage to the aircraft?

  • b. Where the risk can be justified in the opinion of the SMM, does the SMM, with the approval from the operational commander, approve the use of documented ABDR techniques to enable the recovery of a damaged aircraft to an appropriate maintenance location?

5.5.3 Salvage

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  • a. Is Aeronautical Product that has been the subject of an aircraft accident only reused following authorisation by the relevant AEO, or IAW TAREG 5.1.12g?

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