Audit Details & Summary

This Audit Covers


Site address

Job number

Scope of works

Building type / Types witnessed on audit. Please give brief description of the property, approximate year of construction and predominant construction materials.
Proportion % of areas witnessed during audit
Management surveys - Current level of approval (prior to audit)
Refurbishment surveys - Current level of approval (prior to audit)
Management surveys - Level of approval (following audit)
Refurbishment surveys - Level of approval (following audit)

Acceptance of audit findings


Pre - Start Health & Safety Assessment

Training file

Experience / Training of surveyor

Does the surveyor have a site specific method statement and associated risk assessment for the task on site ?

Is the ASP RAMS document the current controlled version?

TEAMS Risk Assessment completed and signed in arrival by surveyor?

Prior to works commencement, has the Surveyor understood all limitations associated with the project scope ?

Have the works been been thoroughly planned by the PM and fit for purpose ?

Has the project manager identified all forseable hazards and have suitable control measures been detailed?

Where required has the project manager provided all supporting documents for the survey? e.g previous survey reports, existing and proposed building plans, details of services etc.

Has the surveyor identified any additional hazards? If so, are adequate controls in place, or requirements escalated?

Are safe access and egress routes available and are they free from slip,trip and fall hazards? Is the surveyor reliant upon other contractors for safe access? e.g Lift Engineers, MEWP Drivers, Rope Access Specialists etc.

Are the RAMS valid over several days / several sites? If so, review relevance of RA and any limitations encountered between each site?

Does the surveyor have all necessary PPE / RPE and is it suitable ,being worn and used correctly?

Does the surveyor have the current ASP Technical Guidance Notes and Quality Manual?

Is the survey kit compliant with the master survey kit list? If answer is NCW, please list missing /Non conforming equipment in the notes section.

Has the surveyor completed all necessary pre - start inspections of RPE and equipment and are all identifiable/ labelled correctly? e.g Ladder/Scafftag

Ladder No:

Next 6 months Ladder maintenance Inspection date:

Photograph of ladder/s if required

Mask identified unique to surveyor

Photograph of mask/s if required

Have mask inspections been completed for the day and up to date?

Photographs of kit if required

Has the surveyor used all tools and access equipment safely?

When quizzed about general knowledge on asbestos , asbestos types, health effects, control limits, RPE and mask APF were answers adequete ?
NB. Auditor to question Surveyor upon construction type of the building being inspected and typical types and locations of asbestos products.

Was the surveyor wearing company branded uniform and have identification badge displayed?

Did the auditee conduct themself appropriately on site including interaction with the client representative, contractors and others?

Was all ASP generated waste packaged correctly and removed from site,according to current guidance and regulations? If not witnessed by the auditor, then discuss protocol and detail findings

Bulk Sampling

Materials sampled on audit
Photos of sampled materials

Have details on sample bag/s been completed as per the requirements of ASP TG2? (Inner bag and main external bag)
NB. Sample bag information must conform to ASP requirements, including J number to match our PO with the receiving lab.

Non essential personnel excluded from sampling area? Warning signage displayed restricting access?

Sample size representative of parent material and sufficient in mass for product analysis?

Sample point suitably repaired and where applicable, a sample point label applied with the required information correctly annotated?

Was sampling conducted safely with the appropriate control measures utilised to prevent the spread of asbestos? NB. Include drop sheet, H Type Vacuum, Dust Suppression etc.

All equipment cleaned and sampling area checked after sampling?

For materials not witnessed on the audit is the surveyor familiar with sampling strategies for other materials and what the control measures are ? Question auditee and record which materials were discussed from the list below. Record detail within notes field for each type.

Samples stored and marked correctly to ensure information can be read without opening outer bag?

General Surveying (incl Management Survey) Assessment Form

General surveying

Has the surveyor explained what is required with Client/Occupier so that they understand the extent of survey? (subject to conditions as detailed in method statement)

Site walk through been undertaken?

Site plans (provided/drawn/floor plan creator ) if drawn is it an accurate reflection of the site and are details recorded as per standard procedures?

TEAMS Project set up completed correctly?

Are general non asbestos observations/materials being recorded correctly ?

Has the use of all data approaches been used in the correct manor?
ie Sample, X-Ref, Strongly Presumed, Presumed, No Access/Limited Access and Inspected Areas.

Are areas of no access or limited access being recorded correctly and justified?

Are material assessments and (where applicable) priority assessments accurate?
NB. Does the Surveyor understand the need for clients involvement in PA assessments?

Are reccomendations accurate, suitable and sufficient?

Are all photographs suitably clear and highlight location?

Has the Surveyor demonstrated a systematic survey approach?

Has the surveyor sampled / presumed all suspect materials unless strong evidence that they do not contain asbestos?

Is there a reasonable negative sampling strategy being adopted for non asbestos products?

Surveyor aware of looking for associated debris from sampled products? ie from installation or historic damage

Is the surveyor aware they must escalate any areas of high risk, to the client or project manager before leaving site? I.e suspected damaged asbestos, Associated debris etc.

Management survey assessment form

Type of building assessed during survey
Type of Audit

Has the surveyor accessed all areas required for the management survey?

Has the surveyor identified all reasonable forseable suspect materials?

Has the surveyor been able to demonstrate knowledge of typical ACMs which might be encountered in this property type / survey type?

During this assessment has surveyor been able to demonstrate through practical assessment or verbal discussions knowledge of other property types and areas of further investigation within other survey types?

Was any decontamination undertaken suitably where required ? Cleaning of RPE after sampling etc

Refurbishment Survey Assessment Form

Type of building
Type of Audit

Have intrusive inspection points made by the surveyor justified ?

Has the level of making good undertaken by the surveyor met the agreed requirements, as stated in the POW?

Does the surveyor have all the necessary equipment and supplies to carry out the task and making good?

Has enough time been allocated for the task (including making good)?

Are all areas to be surveyed unoccupied and all soft furnishings decanted, or protected during works?

Is any special equipment required for the works on site and being used where required?

Is the surveyor aware of the requirement to carry out all intrusive investigation using RPE with appropriate eye and hand protection being worn – subject to assessment?

Does the surveyor seem to have understanding of likely hidden ACM locations within the fabric of the building? Question during works.

Are adequate inspection points being made to enable a satisfactory level of access?

Are inspection points made safely with consideration to other hazards, such as live services (ensure cable detection device is used prior to intrusive works) and for the purpose of reinstatement, following completion of inspection?

Name areas inspected, use comments for any additional areas not listed


Has any access restrictions / limitations been recorded correctly? So they are clearly identifiable to readers of the final report?

We're limitations fair and reasonable, agreed at contract review and communicated to the client, prior to report issue?

Have all areas of ASP site works been left in a safe condition for reoccupation, and signed off as acceptable by the client/contractors representative?

Demolition Survey Assessment Form

Should amendments to the scope of works introduce demolition elements to the project, detail here. Ensure Surveyor is authorised to undertake the works.

Re-Survey assessment (HSG264/RG8)

Detail any areas of the building pre-inspected by the auditor and any anomalies (where applicable) between Surveyors findings.

Vehicle Audit

Year, Make and Model

Service date present? Record if known

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.