• Is the shift communication between Team Leader and employees done daily? (Review the agenda and minutes for that day)

  • Is the shift communication between Team Leaders done daily? (Review the Shift Report.)


  • Is the area properly lit? (Verify that the area is lit enough to safely operate in the area. No bulbs out, nothing covering lights, example calendars etc…)

  • Requirements worn by all TM's as per SWI (All TM's wearing proper PPE: glasses with side shields, safety shoes, safety vest, ear plugs, as per area standards)

  • Verify Daily safety audits are completed and non-conformances addressed? (Verify that the start-of shift safety c/l (forklifts and equipment) are completed and issues closed-out timely)

  • Shut down cell and address issue immediately


  • Is the 5S station fully equipped (broom, dust pan etc), clean and easily accessible? (Verify that the workcell is fully equipped,brooms etc, clean and easily accessible)

Document Control

  • Are employee sign-in sheets completed by each shift at start of shift? (Verify that sign-in records are completed daily by all employees. Also verify all mod-bulletin numbers are current and up to date with proper description

Manufacturing Process

  • Is the workcell binder present with all documents as per index? (Verify that the workcell binder is present and contain all documents as per index (SWI binder and sign-off, Daily safety audits, EE sign-in sheet, Rabit test).)

  • Are the poke yokes operational? (Verify that start-of-shift pokeyoke verification checklists are completed and issues fixed immediately or effectively contained.)

  • Shut cell down and address issue immediately.

  • Is one-piece flow in use? (Verify operators are following "one-piece flow" to SWI.)

Quality System

  • Are rabbit test being performed daily? Are Poke Yoke verifications performed daily? Verify evidence of daily rabbit test and that poke yoke verification is completed correctly.

  • Are all employee's signed into their work stations with their employee ID? (Verify employee # displayed on each stations HMMI screen. Operator's employee number must match.)

  • Are the visual inspection points well lit? (Verify the lighting is adequate for operators to identify the defects. Verify all Current Lighting working and lights are burnt out.)

  • Are Operators following Mods as per instructions. (Review all the quality alerts, mod bulletins and process deviations (in the binder) and verify that the operators are following the instructions. Also, verify that the escallation protocol and reaction plan is followed.)

  • Are the approved containers used for the products? (Verify that the approved container(s) are used for the product as per the packaging instruction (in the binder).)

  • Are labels produced on-demand? (Verify that labels are produced on-demand (ie. not batch printed and stored in the workcell, No extra labels in area).)

  • Is Mutilation Protection being worn? Are inspectors inspecting for handling damage? (Verify that all operators are wearing mutilation protection. Observe that inspectors are following mods for inspecting for handling damage)

  • Are the containers properly labelled? (Verify that the container is labelled as per the labelling instruction.)

  • Verify correct lower is assembled ( Dual VS Single) (Verify lower has a "S" for single and a "D" for dual on the inside of lower)

  • Verify Step Pad engagment (GMT172/177 Rear ) (Verify that operator is witness marking each step pad tab for engagment )

  • Verify Lower Brackets are installed correctly (Verify Operators are inspecting for incorrect lower bracket install)


  • Are the LPA nonconformances noted on the LPA non-conformance log and containment log? (Review few completed LPA's and verify that the non-conformances are recorded on the log)

  • Are the LPA being completed by previous layer(s)? (Review completed LPA's and verify that audits are being done by the layer before (TL to audit line leaders audit ect….))


  • Is the workcell meeting throughput plan? (Review throughput chart - 95% target.)

  • Are Quality Q and Safety Triangles updated? (Review communication board and verify for completion.)

  • Review throughput issues (Are issues captured on action plans with completion dates and champions?)

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