Current ATMs - Removals / Replacements / Swap Outs / Relocations

  • ATM Model Type and neck length being removed:

  • ATM Room Type currently in:

  • Serial Numbers and position within housing (for removals, replacements, and swap outs survey)

  • What is current ATM going through?

  • Plinth Type:

  • Plinth Height:

  • Depth of Front Wall:

  • No of skins:

  • Does room need clearing of misc items / debris?

  • Floor details

  • Internal / External floor difference:

  • Photos taken internal and externally

  • Equipment to be removed:

  • Making good works required (describe in detail)

New ATMs

  • ATM Model Type and neck length

  • ATM Room Type

  • Plinth Type:

  • Plinth Height:

  • What will ATM be going through?

  • Depth of Front Wall:

  • No of skins:

  • Floor details:

  • Is there a basement?

  • Internal External floor difference:

  • Ceiling construction:

  • Wall construction:

  • Bollards - are they required / installed? If not, state why.

  • Customer Foot Print - are they required / installed? If not, state why.

  • Is there a flat roof above ATM?

  • One Stop - will router shelf be available?

  • Is Store in a shopping centre / retail park? Describe cover over machines

  • CCTV cameras facing planned ATM area - are they required / installed? If not, state why.

  • Location for blue security box

  • Photos taken internally and externally

  • Additional Information:

Non Development Site

  • Is glazing required to be installed?

  • Please forward glaziers details:

  • Is lighting required to be installed above the ATM?

  • Is any electrical cabling to be installed & connected?

  • Do shelving mods have to move to other locations?

Existing Housing Requiring Internal LPS4 Panels

  • Cable entry point position:

  • Panels required - Front wall only, full room, etc.?

  • Door construction & lock types used:

  • Data - remove or relocate?

  • Details required of existing equipment

  • Electrical equipment - remove or relocate?

  • Details required of existing equipment

  • Alarm equipment - remove or relocate?

  • Details required of existing equipment

  • Cameras - remove or relocate?

  • Details required of existing equipment

  • Other equipment needing removed or relocated to allow panel installations?

  • Photos taken internal and external, including door and door furniture (handles & locks)

Requirements on New Installs (LPS4 Rooms)

  • Required install date:

  • Required finish on panels including RAL colours

  • Is a Distribution board required (inclusive of wall mounts)?

  • If ATM going through shop front, have you requested a copy of shop front plan?

  • Other finishing off works required, strips around door, etc.

  • Does LPS4 room require a steel floor?

Delivery and Transport Details

  • Detail any special requirements to enable delivery:

  • Noise restrictions (residential area):

  • Delivery resources: If more than TWO operatives are required please justify

  • Vehicle Access & Parking: Detail any restrictions, required permissions or permits. Is site on a Red route?

  • Access to ATM Internal or External?

  • Are there steps on route to ATM room?

  • Entry door (height and width):

  • Site works required to enable delivery:

  • Any special equipment required (barriers, boards, etc)

  • Delivery time restrictions on site:

  • Describe delivery route into store

  • Sketches to include - side view, plan and elevation. (Additional elevations and side views for internal skins should be provided where appropriate): Additional pages to be included as required

  • Example Drawing: Side View

    Side View
  • Example Drawing: Plan View

    Plan View
  • Example Drawing: Elevation


Appendix 1

  • Clearance Dimensions
    ATM minimum service clearance requirements (looking at the ATM from the rear) - Dimensions from the edge of the main body of the ATM.
    5887 - 320mm (RH side) / 152mm (LH Side) / 1000mm (Back)
    6625 - 380mm (RH Side) / 300mm (LH Side) / 890mm (Back)
    5877 - 110mm (RH Side) / 400mm (LH Side) / 1000mm (Back)
    6626 - 380mm (RH Side) / 300mm (LH Side) / 900mm (Back)

  • DDA Rules Recommended Key #5 Heights

    5887 - 900mm to key #5
    5877 - between 903mm and 1028mm to key #5
    6625 - 882mm to key #5
    6626 - between 903mm and 965mm to key #5
    6622 - FA=936mm

  • ATM Aperture Sizes

    5887 - Measure from floor Ext (828mm high) aperture = 730mm (H) 640mm (W)
    6625 - Measure from floor Ext (819mm high) aperture = 740mm (H) 640mm (W)
    P77 - Measure from floor Int (576mm high) aperture = 1015mm (H) 516mm (W) when no plinth used
    S26 - Measure from floor Int (711mm high) aperture = 793mm (H) 445mm (W) when no plinth used

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