R&D Review

  • Is there an existing R&D Survey present?

    If No, no drilling can be carried out until safe to proceed.

  • Is Asbestos Survey sufficient to allow drilling of pilot hole?
    If no, do not proceed to drill holes within flooring

Retail Team details & Centre Management

  • Store Manager - Contact Name, E-Mail Address and Contact Number:

  • Name:

  • Email Address:

  • Contact Number:

  • Branch Opening Hours:

    (Take picture of Opening Hours sign)

  • Capture picture of opening hours

  • Does the Store fall under Centre Management?

  • Name:

  • Email Address:

  • Contact Number:

  • Is a PTW system operated?
    If so, capture relevant info

Entrance - Access/Egress

  • Is there suitable parking for the safe delivery?
    Take photos of external areas

  • Capture pictures of potential parking areas or issues

  • Is there sufficient access to bring the safe/safes to the front doors?
    If no, survey Fire Exit To Rear if applicable

    - Floor Stability
    - Ramp width (if applicable)
    - Access route from street
    - Stairs

    Note: Type 4 cabinet is 1900mm high, ideally need 100mm clearance to get through doors

  • Capture pictures of access routes or issues

  • Capture the Entrance Doors: (Both front and rear)

  • Capture pictures of entrance doors

  • Door Height Dims:

  • Door Width Dims:

  • Capture pictures of BOH door

  • Door Height Dims:

  • Door Width Dims:

  • Will the safe be installed within a Stockroom?

    If so, capture info

  • Capture pictures of Door and Stockroom

  • Will the use of a service lift be required?
    If so, capture pics and dims of clear opening and any weight restrictions

  • Capture pictures

  • Dims: Height Width Depth Clear opening of doors

Gunnebo Safe

  • Which safe/safes are most suited to the store?

    Model - Height - Width - Depth - Weight
    Size 1 - 1000mm - 600mm - 450mm - 80kgs
    Size 2 - 1500mm - 900mm - 450mm - 140kgs
    Size 3 - 1900mm - 900mm - 450mm - 225kgs
    Size 4 - 1900mm - 1220mm - 450mm - 275kgs

  • Capture proposed locations and any associated enabling works Safes need to have CCTV coverage, look at best locations with that in mind

  • Capture scope required, dims of location etc

  • Are there safes present already?

    If so, are they in working order?

  • Capture pictures of existing safes

  • Can the safe/safes be installed with no required works by others?

  • Capture pictures of required works


  • Is there a basement within the building?

  • Capture pictures of basement

  • Is a structural survey required?

  • Is there any requirement for Structural support below the Safe final position?

  • Capture supporting pictures


  • Capture any other notes relevant to the Project:
    Capture any additional works:
    - Cage removal
    - Shelving removal
    - Any making good

  • Capture supporting pictures

Projects RAG status

  • Projects RAG status rolling the initial survey?

    Red - safes will not fit / structural survey required etc
    Amber - can proceed but some prep works required
    Green - can proceed as planned, no issues

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