• Building Inspection - Wet Area

  • Conducted on:

  • Prepared by:

  • Address:
  • Construction Certificate / Complying Development Certificate Number:

  • Inspection Notes:

  • Is the waterproofing product an approved product?

  • Are showers fully enclosed, partially enclosed or open?

  • Is the waterproofing product installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications eg. Bond breaker?

  • Shower area floor waterproofed?

  • Have all wall/wall junctions required to be waterproofed, been waterproofed? Shower areas to 1800mm

  • Are all floor/wall junctions waterproofed?

  • Are penetrations waterproofed?

  • Are floor wastes waterproofed?

  • Check walls behind other fixtures to ensure waterproofed?

  • Is there a water stop provided?

  • Is fall provided in floor to floor wastes?

  • Are cut edges of water resistant plasterboards waterproofed?

  • Are areas adjacent to bath/spa waterproofed?

Inspection Outcome

  • Inspection Result

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