Title Page

  • CRM Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Officer/s attending inspection

  • Add other Officer/s names

Location of Inspection

  • Person on site / Business Name

  • Property address
  • Parcel Number

Inspection Details

  • Type of Inspection

  • Type of structure

  • Is the structure at immediate risk of failure or unfit for use?

  • Determine action required. Proceed to illegal building (if selected) otherwise outcome.

  • No further action. Proceed to illegal building (if selected) otherwise outcome.

  • Type of structure

  • Is building approval required?

  • Do they have a building approval?

  • Has a final certificate been issued?

  • Proceed to outcome.

  • Are building works complete.

  • Advise owner to contact certifier to obtain final certificate

  • Check currency period and proceed to outcome

  • Have they engaged a certifier?

  • Obtain details, provide evidence

  • Proceed to outcome and choose enforcement action


  • Evidential Photographs


  • Notice Outcome

  • Additional Information

  • Select date

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