• Building Inspection - Building Certificate Commercial / Industrial

  • Conducted on:

  • Prepared by:

  • Address:
  • Building Certificate Application Number:

  • Inspection Notes:


  • All buildings onsite approved (check council records)

  • Buildings correctly positioned.

  • Buildings down pipes connected to stormwater?

  • Building structurally sound?

  • Carparking and landscaping in accordance with Development Consent conditions?

  • Compliant with "Use of Site" Development Consent conditions?

  • Check signage is compliant with Development Consent conditions and appears structurally sound?

  • Other


  • Check all plumbing is working satisfactory?

  • Staff amenities - accessibility requirements satisfied?

  • Fire Safety Schedule is presentation?

  • Fire exits located as per plan and are operational?

  • Exit signs are operational?

  • Emergency lighting is operational?

  • Fire fighting equipment listed in Fire Safety Schedule present and operational?

  • Floor layout complies with approved plans in council records (no additional offices / mezzanine floors present)?

  • Check stair goings & risers / Balconies balustrade heights for compliance?

  • Other

Inspection Outcome

  • Inspection Result

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