• Building Inspection - Footings / Excavation

  • Conducted on:

  • Prepared by:

  • Address:
  • Construction Certificate / Complying Development Certificate Number:

  • Inspection Notes:

  • Correct location of the proposal? (setbacks correct)

  • Have all conditions of consent been complied with?

  • Configuration of foundation matches approved plans?

  • Beams and components of the footing system are the correct size?

  • Footings are bedded into solid natural ground?

  • Are there any "soft spots" in the foundation?

  • Where footings are being inspected is the correct reinforcing material being used?

  • Where on a flat site the base of the footings are generally level (slope not to exceed 1:40)

  • Where on a sloping site the angle of the footing does not exceed more than 1:10

  • Will the finished height of the slab be in accordance with the approved plans?

  • If sewer/water mains are in close proximity to the footings are the footings at a depth that will not impose any additional pressure to the mains?

  • If sewer and sub-drains are in close proximity to the trenches are the trenches at a depth that will not inflict pressure to these pipes?

Inspection Outcome

  • Inspection Result

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