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1.0 Tools and equipment

  • 1.1 Review the Contractors system to ensure power tools and equipment are serviceable and are being regularly checked and maintained. Are they?

  • 1.2 Check if the Contractor is providing the correct tools and training for the job. Check that the workers understand the safe operating procedures and that they are following them. Encourage the Contractor to have a documented system that records the experience, competency, and training each worker has with particular plant, tools, and equipment. Contractor needs a system that only allows trained/competent employees to use particular tools & equipment. Are these conditions being satisfied? Comment on any areas for improvement

  • 1.3 The use of air-powered nail guns, explosive powered tools, lasers can be particularly hazardous, so review the Contractors system to give operators thorough training in the care and use of this sort of equipment. Is the training sufficient? Comment on any areas for improvement

  • 1.4 Where bench saws are set up for prolonged use inside, review Contractors arrangements to provide an effective dust extraction system. Are the arrangements sufficient? Comment on any areas for improvement

  • 1.5 Has Contractor & his Subcontractors had electrical extension leads recently tested, tagged, inspected, to ensure they are in good safe working condition?

2.0 PPE

  • 2.1 • Ensure the Contractor has a system to look carefully at the range of hazards associated with the building works or the fit out and finishing work. Where the Contractor can't eliminate a hazard completely, he should have a documented system that minimizes risks. Examples could be by making sure there is adequate guarding from dangerous parts of machinery or by isolating the hazard from people, or hiring different equipment for part of his work.

    • Where any risk still remains, review that the Contractor has safe operating procedures in place that are understood by the workers. Has the Contractor made sure the rights types of personal protective equipment are provided and being used by the workers. This may include, safety boots, safety vests, safety glasses or shields, hearing protection, breathing masks, gloves, hard hat etc.

  • 2.2 Using the above information as a guide, is appropriate protective equipment being used? Is there documentation and understanding by the workers? Please comment.

3.0 Scaffolds

  • 3.1 Scaffolds, particularly mobile scaffolds, are commonly used in a wide variety of building erection and fit out and finishing work. Review Contractors scaffolds to see the various scaffold items are in good condition and properly constructed / erected. Are they?

  • 3.2 The Contractor needs to ensure in particular, that all braces are fitted correctly, and the scaffold is fully complete, level and plumb. Is the contractor compliant with this?

  • 3.3 Review Contractors supervision activities. Check the Contractor has appointed a person to regularly review his scaffolds, and those scaffolds of his subcontractors with these types of safety considerations in mind:-

    Make sure the access ladder is securely fitted inside the scaffold framework.

    Does not allow workers to raise a platform unit to a higher level, that creates a dangerously incomplete platform.

    Makes sure that guardrails, midrails and toeboards are fitted around all sides of working platforms.

    Checks that scaffolds are not overloaded by materials or the number of people.

    Never permits workers to work from a mobile scaffold unless the castor wheels are locked to prevent movement.

    Does not allow anyone to ride on the scaffold when it is being rolled to a new location.

  • 3.4 Using the above information, has the contractor appointed a competent individual to oversee the correct and safe use of scaffolds?

4.0 Ladders

  • 4.1 Contractor needs safety systems in place that reviews the suitability and state of repair of all ladders that are used on his site,(including his subcontractors). Ladders should only be used for very light work where there is no danger of over reaching and the worker can steady themself at all times. Ensure Contractor has allocated a supervisor to be responsible to routinely check for general safety , and the type of ladder safety issues below:-

     Ladders should only be set up on firm flat surfaces.

     Single and extension ladders should be fixed against movement , tied to some fixture at the top or footed by another person.

     Make sure the ladder is high enough for the job so that workers do not have to stand higher than 900 mm from the top (for single and extension ladders) or the third tread from the top plate of a step ladder.

     Ladders that are bent or damaged should be removed from site. Domestic grade ladders are not suitable for normal building work.Metal or metal-reinforced ladders should not be used in proximity to any live electrical equipment or power lines.

     Ladder bracket scaffolds are only suitable for very light work such as signwriting and should never be set up at heights greater than 2 metres.

     Trestle ladder scaffolds should also not be used where a person or object could fall more than 2 metres.

  • 4.2 Using the above information as a guide, has a competent person been appointed to ensure ladder are being safely. Further to this: are ladders being used safely and in compliance with the regulations? Please comment.

5.0 Manual handling tasks

  • 5.1 Check Contractors procedures to identify if wherever practicable, they have provided trolleys and mechanical lifting aids to minimize the strain on workers, who may be at risk of manual handling injuries. Have they done this?

  • 5.2 Ensure the Contractor has regularly had a good look at all manual handling tasks with an eye to reducing the need for bending or reaching. Has this been completed?

  • 5.3 Has there been safe lifting training or group discussion at tool box meetings?

  • 5.4 Referring to the above answers, are manual handling tasks being done safely?

6.0 Contractor's supervision

  • 6.1 The Contractor needs to have appropriate supervision, and to have provided workers with serviceable equipment, and to ensure the workers are competent to use that equipment and provided training if appropriate. Has the contractor done this?

  • 6.2 The Contractor should discuss safety issues with his employees at safety meetings or tool box meetings. Ensure Contractor has allocated an experienced leading hand or supervisor to be responsible to routinely check and arrange for the rectification of site and individual job safety issues. Has the contractor met these requirements?

  • 6.3 Name of person on site today, responsible to carry out supervision and routine safety checks on Contractors employees and subcontractors.

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Action Required

  • Contractor is to review the comments, and consider the recommended actions within this audit. The contractor needs to demonstrate they are complying with their obligations as an employer, what specific remedial action they propose for this site, and if any overall modifications are required to their Health and Safety Plan / safety procedures / supervision. Prompt corrective action is required to eliminate any agreed deficiencies, and any areas of disagreement need to be further explored in writing. All “failed responses” need to be addressed/resolved.


  • Gippsland Water responsible officer

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  • Contractor's representative

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