• Prepared by

  • Venue Number

  • Venue Name

  • Conducted on

  • Duty Manager

  • How many staff were on duty upon arrival

  • How many customers were present on arrival

External Information

  • Frontage clean?

  • Entrance free from litter and cigarette ends?

  • Was the brass clean? (Shining?)

  • Were the windows clean?

  • External lights on and fully operational at all times?

  • All window bulbs on and working?

  • A Board displayed with correct promotional posters, clean and in good working order?

  • Is marketing all up to date and window TV’s working?

  • Are the opening hours on display?

  • Entrance doors unlocked on arrival?

  • Is the venue using an intercom?

  • Was your entry time satisfactory? (60 seconds Max)

  • Correct door signage displayed (18's, no smoking etc)

Compliance Information

  • Did the venue staff check your ID and ask you to sign in the visitors book?

  • Where you asked to Track & Trace?

  • All compliance notices displayed correctly?

  • Was the venue set up with all new COVID-19 measures?

  • All staff wearing Staff Guard PA’s and when was the system last tested?

  • Toilets are kept to the highest levels on cleanliness possible. Fully stocked Stay in Control leaflets?

  • 1 hour COVID-19 toilet check list on display and up to date?

  • All Bingo machines unplayable between 00:00 - 09:00, with information displayed about playing times displayed on screens or by machine card?

  • 20% B3 machines vs total machines?

  • Evidence of Tablet testing? Using tablet check record?

  • Rainbow Bingo information board displaying the last game played?

  • All staff Fire Trained?

  • Staff trained with Smart Tablet? Is the tablet charged for use?

  • Evidence of Smart Tablet usage?

Point of Sale

  • Is the venue clean? Check carpets, mirrors, skirting...

  • Jackpot FM being played at an appropriate level?

  • Correctly displayed posters (current and not behind machines) and internal POS?

  • Visible membership, text & App offering?

  • Machines all in line, with stools all in line and well placed for customers?

  • Machine POS displayed using separate holders?

  • Was the 5 star display adequate and did the crockery match?

  • If a Future Venue, is the service standard compliant?

  • Please take a photo of the beverage you tested

  • What time was the last service round? What was served?


  • Staff in full clean uniform with Name Badge and Think 25 badge on?

  • Are the correct amount of badges being worn, in the correct places?

  • Staff aware of the Do’s & Don’ts of the night phone?

  • Staff aware of Allergen policy?

  • Is the float holder CRB checked?

  • Is the customer engagement in the venue to the required standard?

Maintenance Presentation

  • All internal lights on and working?

  • Smoking shelter clean, tidy and fit for purpose?

  • No boxes, hovers etc on the shop floor?

  • All air conditioning units clean, with temperature comfortable for customers? (23 degrees)

Health and Safety

  • Fire exits clear and unlocked?


  • Were all safes locked on arrival?

  • Time lock safe in use and locked on arrival?

  • All keys stored appropriately?

  • All office doors locked on arrival?

  • CCTV on and working? Comment if the time is incorrect.

Machine maintenance

  • Any machines off?

  • Are all machine faults logged on MARS, including bulbs?

  • Does the MARS venue plan match the venue?

  • Machines clean, vacant machines without finger prints, tops of machines free from dust?

  • All machine stickers visible and in good condition?

  • Matching machine artwork?

  • All electrical wiring hidden where possible?

  • All Tito ticket printers on and working? (Not empty)

  • GeWeTe operational with an adequate cash level?

  • Are staff using a GeWeTe user card to access money from the GeWeTe? With £500 maximum float outside of the GeWeTe?

  • Is the ATM operational?

Office/Staff Room/Kitchen

  • Is the office clean, clutter free and organised?

  • Is the staff room clean and available for staff use?

  • Is the kitchen complaint with EHO food hygiene standards?

  • Are the refrigerator/freezer temperatures up to date?

  • Is all the food stored within their used by date?

  • Is the venue using the correct venue paperwork folders as per the office standards policy?

  • Have the last 4 weeks Business Bulletins been read and signed by all staff and filed in the BB box file?

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.