• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Site Information

  • Investigation Date

  • Intersection Location

  • Controller ID

  • Number of Posts at Intersection

  • Overhead Power Line Present

  • Other ITS Devices at Intersection

  • Other Services at Intersection

  • Note: Please refer to DBYD for more information on existing services at the location.

  • Photos of Other Services or ITS Devices

  • Comments

Pre-Start Checks

  • Site Risk Assessment Completed

Cabinet Information

  • Cabinet Details

  • Cabinet
  • Cabinet Type

  • Top Hat Installed

  • Controller Control Module

  • Blue Tooth Installed with Shark Fin

  • Describe Cabinet Type

  • Cabinet ID

  • Communications

  • Describe Communications Method

  • Ethernet Switch Installed

  • Describe Switch

  • Fibre Patch Panel Installed

  • Fibre Type

  • Describe Fibre Setup

  • Accurate As Con Plan Available

  • Plan Drawing Number and Issue Number

  • Additional Circuit Breakers Installed

  • Photos of Cabinet

  • Comments

Camera Location Audit

  • Take at least one photo of each post at the intersection even if it is not suitable for a new camera.

  • Location Details

  • Location
  • Signal Post Number

  • Post Type

  • Obstructions

  • Lane Closure Required to Access Location

  • Equipment Required to Access Location

  • Photos of Location

  • Photo File Name on CD or USB (e.g Location 1 - Post 12 - 01.jpg)

  • 360 Degrees Video Footage Taken at Approx. 6.1m

  • Video File Name on CD or USB (e.g Location 1 - Post 12.avi)

  • Location Suitability for Camera (Rating 1 to 10)

  • Comments

Pit Audit

  • Please open, take photos and inspect ALL pits at the intersection.

  • No. of Pits at Location

  • Pit Details

  • Pit
  • Pit Number

  • Photo of Pit

  • Pit Type

  • Pit Construction

  • Pit Surrounding Surface

  • Entry Conduit Depth (mm)

  • Entry Conduit Percentage Full

  • Exit Conduit Depth (mm)

  • Exit Conduit Percentage Full

  • Pit Condition

  • Pit Number Referenced on Plans

  • Pit Photo File Name on CD or USB (e.g Pit 5 - 01.jpg, Pit 5 - 02.jpg etc)

  • Comments

Audit Recommendations

  • Location Originally Nominated by CPO

  • Corresponding Signal Post No. Originally Nominated by CPO

  • Location Recommended by FSG

  • Corresponding Signal Post No. Recommended by FSG

  • Comments

Post Documentation Checklist

  • Plan Marked Up Referencing Location No. or Pit No.

  • Photos of Marked Up Plan

  • Video Footages Renamed Referencing Location No.

  • Photos Renamed Referencing Location No. or Pit No.

  • CD-Rom or USB Created with Videos, Photos & Plan

  • Comments

  • Auditor signature

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