All Communal Areas - Daily

Vacuum clean all carpets, entrance mats and tread mats including corners and edges, including Pru archives

Sweep and mop clean all hard floor surfaces, to inc main reception

Dust fire extinguishers

Wipe clean handrails and nosings to stairs

Spot clean glazing to entrance doors

Spot clean to internal glass on all lift lobbies

Spot clean all carpeted areas

Clean all ledges, sills and skirting boards

Empty all waste bins into the designated waste bins

Replace bin liners as required

Ensure cleaning all cleaning cupboards are kept tidy

Vacuum and brush door runners

Spray, polish and or clean all desks and tables

All Communal Areas - Monthly

Dust and brush chairs

All Communal Areas - Weekly

Dust all cabinets and furniture

Dust and clean telephones

Spot clean walls and paintwork and remove cobwebs

Spot clean skirting boards

Clean glass and dust all picture frames

All Communal Areas - Quarterly

Clean all carpets to manufacturers recommendations

Reception Core 3

Clean lift lobby signage

Core 7&8 Staircases Prudential Archives and LG Floor Lift Lobby - Quarterly

Scrub and seal all hard floor surfaces

Core 7&8 and Rear Fire Exit Lift Lobbies - Quarterly

Window cleaning to rear fire exits Core 7&8

Atrium 3&4 - Quarterly

Window cleaning atrium 3&4

Ledges and handrails to be wiped clean

Atrium 3&4 - Annually

Clean all stonework

Core 3 Lift Lobbies - Quarterly

Window cleaning all internal glass to lift lobby's Core 3 staircase

Reception - Monthly

Window cleaning reception

Deep clean toilet

Reception - Quarterly

Reception floor to be deep cleaned / sealed

Core staircases (3,7&8) - Weekly

Sweep and mop clean all hard floor surfaces to core staircases

Clean, stair nosings, hand rails and balustrades

Exterior - Weekly

Clean metal work & name plates

Interior & Exterior - Weeky

Remove cobwebs to the exterior and interior of doorways etc

Passenger Lifts - Daily

Polish stainless steel and dust lift doors (inside & out)

Polish & spot clean lift walls

Remove all finger marks & dust panel and handrail

Passenger Lifts - Monthly

Remove all finger marks & dust panel and handrail

Fire Fighting Lift - Weekly

Remove all finger marks and dust lift indicator

Remove all finger marks & dust panel and hand rail

Reception Areas - Daily

Clean reception desk and reception furniture

Dust and polish glass / glass surrounds

Dust ledges and tenants name boards

Dry wipe name boards and planters

Dust fittings and plant surrounds inc plants

Clean entrance matting and sweep exterior of front entrance

Ground Floor Reception Toilet - Daily

Spot clean radiators

Dust air vents

Thoroughly clean all toilets & basins and sanitize

Clean both sides and remove marks of partitions

Clean & sanitise both sides of toilet seats, dry & wipe

Dust or damp wipe shelves and ledges

Dust or damp wipe hand dryers and towel cabinets

Clean wash tiles / splash-backs

Thoroughly clean and buff all taps, fittings

Clean all mirrors & metal work and dry buff

Spot clean walls to toilets

Damp wipe doors, door furniture & remove hand marks

Replenish consumable items, wiping clean dispensers, paying particular attention to soap dispensers

Building Managers Office - Daily

Clean kitchen services and sink

Empty all waste bins into the designated waste bins

Building Managers Office - Weekly

Clean all carpets to manufacturers recommendations, clean glass and dust all picture frames

Spot clean skirting boards, dust and clean telephones, dust and brush chairs

Vacuum, dusting, spray, polish and or clean all desks and tables.

Building Managers Office - Monthly

Clean fridge

Clean microwave

Reception Area - Daily

Spot clean floors and glass to revolving door

Empty bins

Generally make sure that this highly important area is maintained to a high level at all times

Hoover ground floor lift lobby carpet

Central Stairs (Core 3) - Daily

Litter pick and spot clean

Lifts & Lift Lobby's - Daily

Check lift cars are clean and clean as required and lift lobbies are clean at all times. Litter pick and spot clean

General - Daily

Be available for the client to call upon for any cleaning duty's or tasks that they may require attending

Seasonal - Seasonal

Autumn/Winter - check for leaves and general rubbish that may have blown collecting around the entrance door, sweep and remove. If snow has fallen ensure that the entrance pathway to doors is kept clear of snow

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