• Talos Energy LLC Visitor HSE Audit

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  • Personnel Involved


  • Are crane records up to date (Pre-Use Inspection, Annual Inspection, and Quarterly Inspection if needed)?

  • Are the wire rope slings, stingers, straps, and personnel basket in good working condition?

  • Are the cables, winches, and pendant lines being changed out as per the manufacturer's recommendation?

  • Are the certifications for the cables, winches, pendant lines, stingers, personnel basket, slings, and straps available in the platform files?

  • Is good housekeeping being maintained around the crane cab?


  • Are all battery boxes installed on open decks weather tight and constructed of corrosion resistant materials (e.g., fiberglass, hot dripped galvanized steel)?

  • Are explosion proof enclosures maintained within a classified are in accordance to API 14F Paragraph 4.3.1 and API 14FZ, Paragraph 4.3.1?<br>--No damage to device: all covers and bolts securely in place: enclosures has a grounding connection that is either connected to the steel structure or a grounding network; Cables and conduit entrances properly sealed with fittings or sealing connections; Equipment includes a Recognized Testing Laboratory (RTL) label approved for use in a Class 1, Division 1 or Division 2 area; Unused openings are effectively closed by inserting threaded metal plugs that engage and at least have 5 full threads.<br>

  • Do portable electrical tools have warning labels certifying their use in Class 1, Group D Locations, or are they permanently labeled "Warning Source of Ignition" in accordance with API 14F Paragraph or API 14FZ Paragraph 12.3.4?

  • Is all portable equipment grounded in the proper manner? NOTE: Alligator clips and other spring loaded clamps are not allowed.

  • Does the facility have an electrical LOTO procedure in accordance with API RF, Paragraph 12.8 or API RP 14FZ, Paragraph 12.9.<br>Is the facility using the most current Talos form for LOTO?

  • Is there any evidence of improperly terminated wiring?

  • Does the conduit that runs through the facility show any signs of cracking or excessive wear?

General Houskeeeping

  • Housekeeping (Platform, living quarters, offices, work benches clear of debris and trash, tools stored properly, walkways and stairs kept clear)

  • Are all flammable materials stored properly with proper identification on storage unit?

  • Are the back of all panels clear of trash and debris?

Environmental Compliance

  • Are DOT drums properly marked with platform ID and content?

  • Are the garbage cans/receptacles free of oily rags and absorbent pads?

  • Are deck drains free of standing water?

  • Do sump pumps function properly?

  • Are the Marine Debris signs visible on the platform? (Inside the quarters in a high traffic area, and on the landings leading to the plus 10)


  • Are the body harnesses in good working condition in order to provide adequate fall protection when in use?

  • Do the eye wash stations, and showers have adequate flow?

  • Are the operators using the proper hand protection for the job (ex. Impact Resistance Gloves)

Coast Guard

  • Are the life rafts and buoys properly marked?

  • Do buoy lights function when activated?

  • Are fire extinguishers marked and mounted properly?

Record Keeping

  • Are personnel certifications available upon request at the facility?


  • Are station bills visible in high traffic areas?

  • Are station bills signed by both crews, and is PIC=UWA marked on the station bill?

Sign Off

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