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  • Location

Site Induction

Section A

  • Name:

  • Company Name:

  • Scheduled works:

Section B

  • You are required to sign in and out when leaving the premises. Please remember to sign back in upon your return.

  • I acknowledge the signing in/out requirements?

  • The fire alarm is tested on Wednesdays at 09:15. This should be a continuous alarm tone

  • Aware of fire alarm testing date/time?

  • In the event of a fire alarm activation, you are required to make your way to the fire assembly point.
    - Please leave by the nearest available exit
    - DO NOT use the lifts
    - DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings
    - Wait at the emergency assembly point for further instructions from the emergency services
    - DO NOT return to the premises until advised to do so.

  • I acknowledge the process to follow in the event of an emergency?

  • First Aid stations are provided on this premises, should you require a first aider, please follow instructions as advised upon arrival.

  • I am aware of the process to follow, should I need first aid whilst on site?

  • Toilets are situated on this premises you will be informed of their location.
    Tea/Coffee making facilities are available and will be pointed out to you.

  • I am aware of the toilet location and the tea/coffee facilities on site?

  • Access to the building is controlled by an electronic pass. Please ensure that passes are clearly visible whilst onsite. Visitor's/Contractor's passes should be returned to reception at the end of each day. Any keys provided must be kept secure and returned before leaving site.

  • I will adhere to the premises security procedure and return keys passes before departure?

Section C

  • Will you be using any plant or equipment?

  • What equipment will you be utilising?

  • Will the scheduled works involve the use of any hazardous substances?

  • Contractor Signature:

Section D

  • Site specific RAMS have been provided for the works and in date?

  • Operatives ladders are safe and compliant to BS EN131 - ladders tagged and within date?

  • Operative have the necessary PPE as specified in the submitted RAMS?

  • Pass Issued:

  • Keys issued?

Section E

  • Does the scheduled work involve any of the below:

  • Does the works require fall under CDM regulations (Over 30 days, more than 500 man hours or more than 20 operatives?

  • FM Signature:

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